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Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly reminder software

024h Lucky Reminder is developed or distributed by 024h Software and is licensed as shareware. Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly reminder software with network support. 024h Lucky Reminder is award-winning reminder software for home and office. Stop missing important events in your life! The program has handy interface that enables convenient and comprehensive scheduling for any type of events. Users of Lucky Reminder take benefit from a lot of powerful options such as recurrent events (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and custom recurrence), sound alarms, pop-up reminders, network synchronization, and much more. Please visit our website http://www.024h.com for more details. Lucky Reminder key features: - Create, edit and delete events; - Schedule time and date for event to run; - Create one-time and recurrent (daily, weekly, monthly and custom recurrence) events; - Set accompanying sounds and comments to event; - Share events with other users of local area network using network synchronization; - Customize program interface; - Create, save and load event lists; - Test event at the time of creation; - Associate various actions with the event (show pop-up window, run external program, open specified URL, shut down computer, send message on network...); You may use 024h Lucky Reminder for the following: - Create one-time events if you have to do something once (important call, meeting, date, etc.); - Create daily events if you have regular daily activity (check news, fill daily report, etc.); - Create weekly events if you have regular weekly activity (weekly report, meeting, etc.); - Create monthly events if you have regular monthly activity (...

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