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Text To Speech Live Player is a text-to-speech translator that lets you listen to text in documents, web pages, email messages and more. Listening to web pages is as easy as selecting the text and clicking speaker icon on Internet Explorer or choosing the Speak by Text To Speech Live Player option from the right click menu. The application also integrates with the MS Word toolbar and WordPerfect toolbar, providing one-click access to listen to any MS Word document WordPerfect document. You can also listen to entire text files by using a right-click option in Windows Explorer. Text To Speech Live Player has Mary¡¯s voice inside, supports natural voices and can read aloud more than 10 languages. The audio can be saved into MP3 files or.WAV files. It also allows you to batch convert text files to MP3 files or WAV files. If you are a language teacher, this software will be great in the classroom, it can slide or random read aloud words from a text file in sequence or at random for your pupils. In addition, it can make your computer sound time and convert wav file to mp3 file Welcome to access our web page to listen to demo voices and download more speech engines: http://www.123byte.com/TextToSpeechLivePlayer/Download.htm. Text To Speech Live Player is a shareware categorized under language tools.

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