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Are we alone? It see...

Planet Quest

Are we alone? It seems rather unlikely. In the last ten years astronomers have discovered over 130 planets beyond our own solar system. Soon we will know how many of them contain life. And one day there will be more charted planets than you can count. But sadly, with today's technology there are no direct images of these distant worlds. Planet Quest is our artistic vision of what these worlds might look like. Join us as we marvel at the infinity of creation - using the awesome power of your PC to create an infinity of worlds to enjoy and to marvel at, in stunning 3D. And, of course you'll see stars, suns, moons, planetary rings and even nebulae in these unique and believable scenes. Flexible music playback options are included, as well as our theme music - an original composition created by Stuart Bassett. So dim the lights and use the music playback function to get yourself into the mood for some extrasolar discoveries. A 3D Wonders creation. Planet Quest license is shareware and it is listed in desktop screen savers nature software.

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A cool and unique 3D...

Passage Of Time

A cool and unique 3D screensaver that shows the Passage of Time - literally! Watch as the upcoming seconds march towards you in 3D, synchronized precisely with your computer's clock. Everything about this screensaver is configurable; choose the time format, coloring, font, and other visual attributes to suit your taste. You can also configure Passage of Time to play your favorite music. Passage of Time can also keep your computer's clock in sync with very accurate Internet time servers. Passage of Time is a 3D Wonders product. Try it now, and you'll never lose track of time again! 3d screen savers, desktop enhancements shareware listed in 3d screen savers, desktop enhancements section.

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Interesting things h...

Edge Of Chaos

Interesting things happen at the boundary between order and chaos, where the qualities of both states are evident. There is enough order to retain information, and enough chaos to provide variety. Many complex dynamic systems, including life itself, seem to naturally evolve towards this "edge of chaos", where adaptation, problem solving, and evolution by mutation and selection are all exhibited. A good way to explore this interesting phenomenon is to study a famous cellular automaton called "Conway's Game of Life" which inhabits the edge of chaos region. The Game of Life is famous for demonstrating "emergent complexity" - how elaborate patterns and behaviors can emerge from very simple rules. This screensaver allows you to understand and explore the edge of chaos through the Game of Life. This is a shareware listed under desktop screen savers science category.

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World News Screensav...

World News Screensaver

World News Screensaver fetches the top news stories from the Internet and displays them on a beautiful 3D Earth globe, showing you where the news is taking place. You will quickly become more informed and educated about World events and World geography. You can navigate among news articles, and press a key to launch your browser to the full story. World News Screensaver is fully customizable. You may alter many aspects of the visual display to suit your taste. You can also select your own RSS news sources - entertainment, sports, or whatever takes your fancy. In addition to continually bringing you the latest World News, this product can also do a couple of other useful things: it can play your favorite music whenever it is running. It can even synchronize your computer clock over the Internet. World News Screensaver requires an Internet connection. Made by 3D Wonders. This is a shareware listed under 3d screen savers, desktop enhancements category.

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