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Run Linux/Unix on a MS Windows PC. The WinaXe XServer is a program that emulates the X terminal on your PC. WinaXe is XServer implementation of the X11 R6 release of the X Window System. The XServer can run one or more X Window based client applications (X clients) that are resident on a host computer. The host can be any computer that supports the X protocol.

bit software unix hosts pc applications

DVDPro 2

DVDPRo 2 is no doubt a complete solution for DVD Backup, Cutting, Ripping, Playing. Best solution for DVD to VCD & SVCD. Supports almost all DVD Video Discs, including DVD Video player with full navigation support & much more...

menu language export files mpeg2 vcd

Chess Clock

A classic chess clock software with many useful features: resizable board, full screen mode, custom colors, stats, player names and different start time option.The time can be set differently for each player allowing players of unequally strength to play together. This games freeware Chess Clock is categorized under board games.

player names colors classic chess


It generates random passwords. From this version you can specify a mask for your passwords.The options are : 'l' -lowercase ,'u' -uppercase , 'n' -numeric , 's' -symbols , 'e' -extended , 'x' -any of the selected types of characters and 'a','b','c','d' for use characters from your 4 custom strings. You also have the option to put a static text in every password.Example for mask : '(pass+)ns' - every password will begin with 'pass+'

lowercase uppercase static text

Internet Access Monitor for Squid

Internet Access Monitor is a software for monitoring the efficiency of the Internet bandwidth usage by your company's employees. With Internet Access Monitor you can easily find out which employees load up the bandwidth most heavily, when and what exactly they download, how much time they spend online, and what data transfer volume they generate by their online activity.

reading text bandwidth usage internet use

Disk and Registry Alert

Capture before and after snapshots of both your hard drive and registry, showing you all files and programs that were added or removed, allowing you to monitor all changes made whenever you install or uninstall software. You can always see if any hidden programs, adware, rogue programs, spyware, or program dlls are installed without your knowledge. You can also create and save lists of each compare done for later reference.

uninstall software snapshots windows systems

Mihov ASCII Master

This development tool is a simple but useful utility that shows you ASCII value of the key pressed - both in decimal and hex! Great for software developers! Of cause you can lookup the code in a table or in a programming book. But this software offers a simple and easy way to find it with a pressed key.

mihov mihov ascii master software developers


This office software is a software application designed to prevent installation of keyloggers in your system. the application also enable/disable the modules who are monitoring your keyboard input. This shareware is archived under business vertical market apps category.

enable disable software application antikeylogger

!Advanced Applet Suite

Create and add interactive java games, java menus, streaming audio, special image FX (over 10 special image fx transitions!) plus much more in the free Advanced Applet Suite! This internet freeware !Advanced Applet Suite is categorized under graphics.

add interactive image fx games java


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