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ZFilter is a plug-in indexing filter for Windows servers. It enables them to full-text index the contents of zip archives created with WinZip, PKZIP, or any other compression program that uses the PKWARE compression format. This utilities shareware ZFilter is categorized under compression, indexing filter, ifilter.

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This utility is an encryption and compression program that allows you to encrypt and decrypt files using symmetric key and asymmetric key mechanism. It creates a self-decryption archive which can be decrypted at the other end without any dependencies. It incorporates powerful Blowfish algorithm and certificate ( public key/ private key ) for the process of encryption and decryption.It supports secure file deleting and backup of encrypted files. SecureFile is a shareware software filed under compression, security, encryption, tools utilities.

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This software makes zipping / unzipping quick & simple while providing advanced compression & security features: - Easy to use Wizards - Strong encryption (256-bit AES) - Supports 12 types of archives - Create PowerZip Macro files to automate backup. Utilities shareware PowerZip is listed in compression, zip programs tools.

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DevSolutions SecureFile

This software 3.1 is an easy to use encryption and compression program, which is able to encrypt your personal files and sensitive data quickly, easily and securely and creates self-decrypting exe . Utilities shareware DevSolutions SecureFile is listed in compression, security, encryption, tools tools.

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This utility is a powerful and easy to use archive utility for windows environment. ZipUp assists the user in effective compression and extraction of archives. It ensures strong password protection and safe deletion of archives. Utilities shareware ZipUp is listed in system utilities and file management tools.

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Drag, Compress and Email

This utility offers an easier and better way to send files by e-mail and helps you save time and costs. The files are compressed before sending, dramatically decreasing the send and receive time and the amount of Internet bandwidth and disk space required. Drag, Compress and Email works with all e-mail clients (Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape Mail, Eudora, etc.) and with all web email services (HotMail, Yahoo!, Juno, etc.).

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bxAutoZip for Outlook

bxAutoZip is a dedicated Add-In utility for Microsoft Outlook which automatically and independently compresses any files attached to an e-mail message. Thanks to the seamless integration into Outlook, not one single extra step is required to zip the files. This utilities freeware bxAutoZip for Outlook is categorized under compression, zip, mail, outlook, add-in, add-on, plugin.

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Kakra Private Disk

This software,an easy-to-use software to protect sensitive data on notebooks, personal computers, removable and flash disk. It makes a plain hard disk into a private disk that can be accessed by its owner only. This shareware is archived under security, privacy encryption tools category.

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LS Archiver

This utility has a modern easy-to-use interface, and provides support for most compressed and encoded files, as well as access to many powerful features and tools. This utilities shareware LS Archiver is categorized under system utilities file compression.

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