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Turbo Tape backups (...

Turbo Tape

Turbo Tape backups (time-controlled as well (as Service)) any data, Netdrives or Harddisks onto the first tape drive in the employed computer system. A software compression is inserted with it, before writing data to the packed Tape. With compression, the backup-speed and also the amount of data per Tape is considerably increased (depending on CPU speed). Also available is the use of hardware compression (for example HP Ultrium series). Turbo Tape is a freeware categorized under system utilities backup, restore tools.

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Spam Control is a Ma...

Spam Control (Server)

Spam Control is a Mailfilter for Email Server - Exchange Server to protect MS Windows Email Server against Spam-Emails. Spam Control checks all incoming E-Mails. Is it Spam then Spam Conrol will not accept the Email and protect so the Email Server for not needed E-Mails. Spam-EMails will be checked by help from Spamcop.net. If you would, Spam Control could save all incoming Emails in a special folder. Spam Control (Server) is a freeware categorized under servers mail servers tools.

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