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SQL Server Backup

This tool is an backup/restore utility for Microsoft SQL Server . The user-friendly wizard lets you backup SQL Server database to local harddisk , network shared folder or remote network driver easily and no tape drive required . SQL Server Backup is a shareware software filed under backup utilities.

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This tool allows using your Digital Video camcorder or VCR as a reliable computer data storage device. You can store up to 12 Gigabytes of files and folders on a standard Mini-DV cassette. Utilizing a patent-pending technology, Firestreamer makes your DV recorder appear as a regular tape drive to other applications running on your computer. This means that you can use the standard Windows Backup Utility with Firestreamer. Firestreamer is a shareware software filed under backup utilities.

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InstantRecovery Personal Edition

Easily and quickly perform an image backup of a hard drive or partition directly to CD-R, CD-RW, hard disk, removable, tape drive, or file! Supports popular operating systems such as Windows and Linux. InstantRecovery comes standard with spanning media support, compression, data comparison, BURN-Proof support for CDR/W devices, USB and FireWire hard drives and more. Network support is available with InstantRecovery Professional version. InstantRecovery Personal Edition is licensed as shareware and placed in backup, disk backup, data backup, disk imaging, disk copy section.

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TheOne Computer Inventory Free Edition

This software acts as a client and uses to connect to Computer Inventory Server so that Server can store its software and hardware config,and gather OS info,installed software and hardware config such as CPU,memory and etc. Utilities freeware TheOne Computer Inventory Free Edition is listed in system utilities system maintenance tools.

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Software that provides a simple means to backup data in an easy, regular manner. This software allows you to schedule backups to any drive of any information on your system. FileStore handles the backup and then afterwards, you can view a detailed (file-by-file) listing of the results - any errors are easily browsed with your Web Browser.

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BurnInTest Pro

BurnInTest is an easy to use software tool that simultaneously exercises all major components of a computer, to test for endurance and reliability. Tests include CPU, RAM, disk, video, CD/DVD, printer, serial, parallel, USB, tape and Network. This shareware is archived under system utilities, diagnostics tools category.

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Turbo Tape

Tape Drive Streamer Backup Program with Soft- and Hardwarecompression for all Datas Netdrives or Harddisks. (Avaible as Service). Turbo Tape is licensed as freeware and placed in system utilities backup, restore section.

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Vision Backup Server

This software is a robust backup and recovery tool designed to protect your connected world. This is accomplished by enabling your organization to protect their entire network and remote branch offices through one single screen. Choose from multiple media's including CDR-RW/DVD-RW, FTP/SFTP/FTPS, Tape Drive, USB/Flash Drives, Hard Drives/NAS/ZIP/JAZZ and networked client computers. Vision Backup Server is a demo software filed under system utilities backup, restore utilities.

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Vision Backup Server w/ MSSQL and Exchan

Vision Backup Server w/MS SQL and Exchange is a robust backup and recovery tool designed to protect your "connected world". This demo is archived under system utilities backup, restore category.

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SecureIT Encryption Software

SecureIT- encrypt, compress and shred any file or folder on any Windows PC with its 448 Bit Blowfish encryption. Shred any file or folder. Send Secure e-mail. Full command line Support. Zero learning curve. SecureIT Encryption Software is licensed as shareware and placed in security, privacy encryption tools section.

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