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Use Ryso Cleaner to ...

32-bit RYSO Cleaner

Use Ryso Cleaner to be able to quickly and easily find and delete any duplicate files on your computer, which will secure you additional free space on the hard disk. disk. Before a search is started, the program will allow you to make the process most effective by using the search options available. In accordance with these options, you can indicate in appropriate boxes what folders you want or don't want to scan, the folder where you wish all the duplicate files to be moved to. In AutoDelete Mode you can specify (in the respective box) the name of folder/s from which no duplicate files should be deleted. Ryso Cleaner as a fully customizable program has an advanced search configuration that includes: 1. A filter function that allows you to easily delete or retain certain files. Just specify what types of files you want or don't want to search by indicating the appropriate file extensions. 2. Another configuration option enabling you to choose between three search criteria: byte-to-byte comparison (incl. AutoDelete Mode), search by file size, and search by file name. 3. A capability for you to opt to view the found duplicate files either through the built-in or the external viewer. The search results are displayed as a list of files. Each item can be opened and viewed according to the settings you selected. You can also delete one or any number of the found files. The resultant program configuration can be remembered and saved in *.clp file. So, if next time you'll want to use for search purposes the same folders you have selected, just open this file and conduct a search again! 32-bit RYSO Cleaner license is shareware and it is listed in system file utilities software.

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Ryso EasyThumbs offe...

32-bit RYSO EasyThumbs

Ryso EasyThumbs offers an efficient way for you to quickly and easily create an image collections to be published on the web. This smart and handy tool generates high quality thumbnails, links them to full size images and organizes them into web pages. You can also resize and modify the original images. You can use default settings or pre-built HTML templates to create nice- looking pages with just a few mouse clicks. Alternatively, you can spend some time to customize look and feel of the pages - you have total control over every tiny detail of your website. Ryso EasyThumbs supports all popular image formats (bmp, gif, jpg, png etc.). You can also save the templates you create and later reuse them. Some important features about the program: 1. You can create your own beautiful galleries. 2. You don't need to know the HTML code, the program will generate it for you. 3. Wizard-style user-friendly interface makes Ryso EasyThumbs manageable even for those who have no idea of WWW and HTML. Should you experience any troubles, extensive help will be available at any moment. Just press F1 to have every single detail explained in simple words. 4. With some knowledge of HTML, you can customize your pages in absolutely any way thus creating your own templates. No one will ever guess that these pages have been created automatically and not hand- coded. 5. Unprecentented flexibility and convenience allow you to have total control over the appearance of created web pages. 6. Wizard can automatically rename images by a name mask (a batch renaming). 10. Supports many image formats. It also allows for converting and resizing images through use of advanced algorithms, which was earlier available only in full-fledged image editors. 11. After creating a Web gallery(or galleries) you can get back to the starting point by using "UNDO" feature. 12. Enjoy how fast the program works - creating an image gallery has never been easier. thumbnail tools shareware listed in thumbnail tools section.

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Handy Look provides ...

RYSO HandyLook

Handy Look provides you the wealth of opportunities for viewing graphic files. With your convenience in mind, we have created multifunction and handy tools to work with graphics: Image browser and Image viewer. The high speed of image preview in the image browser mode allows you to view files without having to open up full size images. The dynamic generation of sequences will produce a list of files indicating their name, type, and size among other properties. You can apply sorting within all above properties. Various file operations enable to handle lists of graphic files as well as files in other formats. Thumbnail mode is intended to reflect the diminished images for any every file, which is extremely helpful while dealing with huge collections of graphic files. Folder History Line will let you know immediately which folders and lists you just recently worked with. Files Description permits you to describe and categorize your files to your fancy. You can listen or view files through automatic playing of multimedia files without the need to download additional applications. Should, during that, you decide that functional properties of special programs are necessary, then just double click on the file and choose the appropriate program from the list. Image viewer use effective graphic and reading algorithms and minimal memory requirement allow you to concentrate fully on the work and forget about irksome waiting. Support of all necessary and popular graphic formats. Such functions as manual zoom in and zoom out, zoom actual size, zoom best fit as well as full-screen and scroll modes enable to choose the scale of viewing that suits you best. If desired, you can select a particular file's image and set it as Desktop background. Interface as handy and convenient as possible, both for those who like to work with keyboard and those who prefer to use the mouse. The powerful context menu makes working with the program more efficient. This is a shareware listed under image&media viewer category.

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