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Automatic digital video editing software

ACD VideoMagic is developed or distributed by ACD Systems and is licensed as shareware. Automatic digital video editing software that makes polished movies in minutes. ACD VideoMagic lets you share memorable videos of life's great moments without investing a lot of time on digital video production or money on digital video editing software. With ACD VideoMagic digital video software, movies happen automagically! ACD VideoMagic digital video editing software automatically combines video clips from your digital still or video camera with your favorite music to create polished videos quickly. Take video clips of your vacations, birthdays, events and weekend fun, then select the best ones, choose a soundtrack and style and...Presto! you've made a music video in minutes without the hours of work required for regular digital video production. This automatic digital video software analyzes your video content for color, texture, motion and human faces to find the most exciting moments. It also analyzes your music for tempo and rhythm. The combined digital video production matches the motion and transitions in your original clips, with the beat of your music. ACD VideoMagic then creates a professional-looking music video from your soundtrack, video clips and images in just minutes. Once you have picked your clips and music, you can quickly try a range of styles including action-oriented, dreamy, old-movie, Chaplinesque and acid to suit the clips you have taken or just to see how they look in different styles. Then optimize your music videos for saving to disk and output them for sharing on the Web or CD as one of a few common digital video format...

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