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Have you spent a lot o...

ADingOD FontManager

Have you spent a lot of time finding the right font for your application? Now you have found The Perfect Font Manager! * Lists all font files in any directory and optionally subdirectories also * Displays a sample of each font * Saves sample fonts as a JPEG or GIF grouped in directories * Creates a HTML file for easy browsing of previously saved samples * Views a character map, selects individual characters by key code * Saves character map in HTML format * Saves and deletes font files * Lists all installed fonts * Installs any font of your choice * Easily uninstalls unused fonts * Finds all fonts on a specific disc * Finds duplicate font files on the disk * Tests any font you find * Pop-up menu accessing commands * Lists all fonts files in a ZIP archive * Views fonts in ZIP archives * Copies font files to ZIP archives * Deletes font files from ZIP archives * Views a character map for ZIP archived font files * Previews saved HTML files * Displays properties of fonts * Organizes fonts by Copy/Move operations * Displays fonts properties * Specifiy how many fonts you wish to see * and much more... ADingOD FontManager is a graphics software.

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Are you tired of "...

ADing FreeRAM

Are you tired of "Lock Ups" "Freezes" "Out of Memory" Alerts and Constant need to "Reboot"? This software INCREASES the PERCENTAGE of RAM (random access memory) available to your computer. Today's computer programs require more RAM and most importantly more "available RAM." Simply having a large amount of RAM does not mean your computer can use it. This product will: virtually eliminate cursor locks, out of memory alerts, constant re-boots, and other low memory problems, greatly increase % of RAM available (varies with your system), work on all RAM sizes. ADing FreeRAM license is shareware and it is listed in system utilities software.

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ADing Desk gives to yo...

ADing Desk

ADing Desk gives to you EASY AND INSTANT access to your desktop! Don't minimize windows ANYMORE! With a click of the mouse you can start any program you want! ADing Desk license is freeware and it is listed in system utilities software.

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ADing BAR stays on top...


ADing BAR stays on top of other windows and displays a large amount of vital information about your system: date and time, system resources, free space on any disk. With a mouse click you can: run programs, set an alarm, view the calendar, exit Windows. system utilities freeware listed in system utilities section.

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If you can not remembe...

ADingOD ParkFont

If you can not remember how many fonts you have installed on your computer, or how they look, then you must try this program! ADing ParkFont increases your system's performance, letting you monitor both font resources (Registry and GDI) and set alarms for when resources drop too low. The program will allow you to park unused fonts (and unpark then with a click). This way you can keep font resources under certain limits. In fact the program is a true fonts manager for your computer because you can place parked fonts in as many categories as you want. You'll see a sample for both categories (installed and parked) and you can easily find the font you are searching for. Also you can install a new font at any time. ADingOD ParkFont is a graphics software.

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Splits a JPEG, GIF or ...


Splits a JPEG, GIF or PNG image in multiple pieces and reassemble it in the original HTML file, even in batch mode. It will increases the loading speed of your web pages, protects your web images being copied and saves you time. ADingOD DIVIDE is a graphics software.

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ADing Display Saver re...

ADing Display Saver (Kiosk)

ADing Display Saver revives normal screen saver during PowerPoint screen shows (it may work for other apps too). This hidden utility allows most screensavers to work as expected while Powerpoint is running in full-screen mode. This is helpful for kiosk developers who want to leave their "presentations" running 24-hours per day while preventing screen burn-in (especially over-night). ADing Display Saver (Kiosk) is a screen savers software.

Keywords: screen saver sisplay screen saver screensaver desktop easy kiosk revives normal during powerpoint shows palm handheld


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