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API for work with substitution device (see DOS command "subst"). Win9x ONLY. For WinNT and Win2000 use native API call.

subst win2000 winnt

Acceleration Startup Manager + Release RAM Bundle for Win9x

Make your PC run faster and more reliable iIn just minutes. Increases Computer Speed By Up To 150%, Prevents Common Windows and Application Crashes, Optimizes Virtual Memory to make Your Hard Disk Run Better, and Allows your PC to start up faster. Acceleration Startup Manager + Release RAM Bundle for Win9x is a shareware software filed under optimizers, system utilities, memory tools utilities.

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This tool is a powerful, low level stealth keystroke (user name, password, e-mail, chat, instant message (MSN/AOL/ICQ/AIM )) monitoring application with e-mail delivery feature for remote monitoring! SpyKeySpy allows you to secretly record ALL keystrokes (to an encrypted log file) typed on your PC without the user ever knowing! Full unvisible mode Win9x, WinNT-XP. The records are time stamped and categorized by the window titled.

instant message keystrokes e mail

Ease CD Ripper

EASE CD Ripper is extremely easy to use CD Ripper for Win9X/NT/Me/2000/XP.It can rip CD to MP3,WAVE,OGG,WMA. Convert MP3,WMA,OGG to WAV,Convert WAV to MP3,OGG,WMA.Very easy to use.All in one.

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This software 2.1 is an easy to use automatic backup utility, which allows you to backup your information according to the schedule with periods ranging from one minute to months. APBackUp can create a ZIP archive or archive in ANY format. This utilities shareware APBackUp is categorized under backup.

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SK Image Printer is is a virtual printer for Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows 2003. It can print any document which can be printed in your windows system to the one or many BMP files. SkPrinter is licensed as freeware and filed in system utilities printer section.

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Virtual printer for Win9x. Info Grabber v1.05. InfoGrabber is licensed as shareware and filed in , printer section.

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RealPopup replaces old winpopup with a full featured freeware tool which remains stable and simple as its predecessor. It's fully integrated with LAN environment and it's available in more than 12 languages. This freeware is archived under instant, messenger, char, network, utility, community, lan category.

freeware tool network browser realpopup


Recovers RAM leaks from poorly behaved applications and increases available RAM for applications,Games and the operating system.Optimize windows cache, tweak windows and Reduce cpu heat. Memdefrag has Automatically configuration and easy usage. This shareware is archived under memory optimizor, cache optimizor, cpu cooler category.

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