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AIPL Singulator is software to record analog audio to your computer. It will rip vinyl, a 45 single or 78 RPM album (a.k.a. LP recorder), cassette tape, DAT, streaming audio, or any analog source to your PC as WAV audio files. It automatically separates songs in real time and stops when finished. It is both very easy to use and includes advanced song separation settings with presets. The song separation algorithm is based upon a theoretical and experimental analysis of old analog recordings, and the user interface is designed for maximum flexibility with VU meters, and multiple sampling rates (11, 22, 44.1 or 48 kHz). Version 1.5 includes improved recording setup with auto-configuration capabilities. Importantly, AIPL's technical support is top notch, where you talk with AIPL programmers and not a service. You can then use other products for noise reduction, to copy the songs to MP3, Windows Media Audio (WMA), or AAC/M4A for Apple iTunes and iPod, or to burn the songs to a recordable CD. With Singulator, your CD-R will have separate tracks for each song. Check out how 7 years of improvements has made it so easy to use. Download FREE demo, and buy for $24.99. AIPL Singulator is a shareware categorized under multimedia, record, rip tools.

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