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Capabilities and advantages HiP 3.02: Concealment of icons of the appendices in system tray; Start with Windows startup; Start with given delay after start of a Windows; Start in a stealth mode; Information output about an occurrence and title of the appendix of a hidden icon; Call at the help of "hot keys"; Momentary record and reset of setting; Forced updating system tray (at availability "hung" of icons); Convenient user interface; Changeable skins (!!!); Does not require installation and can is in any directory and on any disk (at will of user); At random termination HiP, the icons, latent by it, do not come up again in system tray; Is compatible with all versions Windows. HiP is a utilities software.

Keywords: hidden icon updating system latent skins user interface stealth mode system tray hot keys appendices appendix occurrence volume adjustment dom parser

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