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Private InfoKeeper

Ablazesoft Private InfoKeeper (APIK) is elegant, unique featured, powerful and secure personal information manager. Use it to store, protect, and manage your important information. APIK allows you to keep passwords, commercial information, PINs, serial numbers and much more, including free text with automatic URL recognition. Unique Internet Explorer integration feature makes usage of password-protected Web pages much easier, secure and very convenient. QuickPasswords feature allows to securely transfer your data to almost anywhere just by two clicks. Spyware Counteraction System effectively repel any attempt to steal your private information. Your confidential data will be protected with strongest industry-standard cryptographic algorithms (AES 256-bits). Advanced Master Password Handling and special programming techniques ensures highest possible level of data safeguarding. APIK have convenient Windows Explorer-like interface with recycling feature and full-text search. Tree outlining with unlimited number of folders and "drag-and-drop" technology support helps to organize your data in most effective way. Most of complex actions can be performed with help of carefully designed wizards. Combined easily customizable information representation and built-in powerful password generator APIK is the best available secure storage software. This utilities software is listed under secure information manager.

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Private InfoKeeper 2007

Private InfoKeeper 2007 is next generation data security system designed to protect your confidential data by the most effective methods. It enables you to hide your personal information or corporate secrets from the prying eyes of criminals, business competitors and just curios people. Private InfoKeeper 2007 provides a highly encrypted and password protected environment for your sensitive data. It enables you to store logins/passwords, commercial information, contacts data with pictures, PIN codes, software serial numbers, insurance information, calling card data and lots more. Also Private InfoKeeper is able to encrypt entire files. Unexcelled web browser integration allows Private InfoKeeper 2007 gather and fill logins and passwords silently without any of your actions. Our brand new Multilogin feature allows Private InfoKeeper 2007 intuitively manage numerous login and password pairs for the same web page (convenient for many email accounts on one provider or forum logins etc). Extreme data protection is achieved by using industry standard cryptographic algorithm AES with 256bits key length, which was approved by US government for military service. Built-in Spyware Counteraction System repels effectively any attempts to steal your private information by keyloggers and other spyware. Advanced Master Password Handling and special programming techniques protect your master password and make impossible to crack it in commensurable period of time. Secure Clipboard Data transfer is fully automatic feature, which lowers to nothing chances of stealing your data from Private InfoKeeper 2007 clipboard. Your information will be protected even when you are away from your computer thanks to automatic locking system, which will lock your password storage after determined period of inactivity. Built-in powerful Password Generator produces passwords of given length and structure. Constant using of built-in Backup/restore function ensures that you will never lose your data. This utilities software is listed under security, privacy password managers.

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