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take 'X-Ray' for your colleged cdrom ,so you can look into it clearly and easy to find out what you want cdrom in a pile of disk, you can review the image of all your cdrom easy , and with a thumb let you know what 's the file ,just like a image, you can see a smaller picture ,a text file, you can see first 100 character of your document , so you can recall your memory what the file is. It is indead a good tools for you if you have a lot of cdrom! you can freely download it from, or directly download from follow URL: Http:// once you have a version of cdxray , you can update it online ,so you can easy get newest function freely ! This utilities software is listed under cdrom.

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Are you have bothere...


Are you have bothered with cost of your office raise this month again? Are you always say "Why printer papers is run out so fast ?" "Who did it ! so much waster paper here !" .Yeah, this is a serious problem, How to sovle it ? Printmon is a best tool to manage your printer , It's designed for office company to solve the problem above, It can commendably anti- waster of print paper and decrease the consume of printer ,can help you calculate the cost of every employee ... Download Site: Homepage: Information: Email : PrintMon license is shareware and it is listed in printer software.

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Do you know : 20% of...


Do you know : 20% of harddisk space is full by garbage files and duplicate files!!! DiskSpaceFree is an advanced disk manage tool designed to help you resist those unuseful garbage files. DiskSpaceFree can effectively enlarge your harddisk space . DiskSpaceFree also can help you analyse the files full of your harddisk, Let you know what the file is that wasted most of your harddisk space , what the mainly usage the disk driver/directory it is , It is store mp3/avi/exe or other kind of files. In a word , Having DiskSpaceFree can make you use your harddisk more efficient ! Features&Benefits - Can Enlarge your harddisk space more than 20% - Can Statistic & Analyse the files full of your harddisk - Can suggest how to save your harddisk space - Can Online Update function - Full Windows family compatibility(Windows9x/WinNT4.0/Windows2000/WindowsXP). This utilities software is listed under disk files.

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compatible Product homepage: Http:// AMp3Assistor is an intuitive program that takes care of all your mp3, wma tags needs. Friendly, easy-to-use interface allows you to organize your work very fast. What are ID3(mp3) and WMA tags? Read here. The tags are not only useful to display or identify a song. With this mp3, wma organizer you can quickly rename all your files using tags. It looks much better, your files are all in order and easier to find or archive. What key features make AMp3Assistor one of the best program for tag editing? ? AMp3Assistor displays the tag information from all of the files in scanned folders, in a convenient, editable table, for blazingly fast editing. ? AMp3Assistor easily gets the tags from filenames or renames your entire audio collection using the embedded tag information within MP3 and WMA files. ? AMp3Assistor applies your local CDs information retrieved from CDDB. Read more Homepage : Http:// Email : (c)2002Aceterm Co.Ltd. All rights reserved. This is a shareware listed under mutlimedia mp3 tag editor ripper category.

Keywords: mutlimedia mp3 tag editor ripper organizer quickly also wonderful shell system full speed

Album Builder can he...


Album Builder can help you create your impressive and professional Album and web gallery in a snap with a few mouse clicks! Just add your images, select the style and layout of your gallery.and can be a single CHM E-BOOK Album Builder supports 20+ popular image formats (BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG etc), handles most of image formats. After adding your images, you can decide the style of your gallery by choosing a built-in HTML template. Click only ONE button, and all files of your gallery will be generated automatically. For professional users, after choosing a style, they will have more control on their galleries. By modifying the advanced settings, they can customize almost each part of their gallery, specify file names and folders. There are more settings than you ever imagine! If you have some knowledge of HTML, you can design your unique style and add it to the template library easily. You can use any web page design softwares, eg Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver, to design your own templates. And you have the total control of templates. For registered users, our tech. support team will convert the webpages you subscribe to templates TOTALLY FREE! And our website will continue to provide new templates. Key features: *Fast and easy to use. Most users will create their galleries with only a few mouse clicks and within several minutes. *User friendly interface. The step-by-step wizard style user interface is much more user friendly. The wizard guides you through the whole process of building your gallery. Extensive help for different steps and pages are available anytime. *Full control Users can customize most parts of their galleries, including folders, style, size of Albums and full-size images, layout of web pages, text of web pages, etc. *20+ image format supported Album Builder supports more than 20 image formats, covering most popular image formats. These formats includes BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and etc. Album is a shareware categorized under album catelog chm gollary tools.

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