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Acritum Batch Processor

This program allows you to process thousands of files in various ways, doing difficult checkings, analysis and so on. We understand that it will be difficult for beginners to configure a program with such possibilities that's why we do not offer a program with a fixed set of features. On the contrary, the program has a limited set of features and we add only those features that are asked for by our users. It may be EXIF or ID3 support or date/time changer or a special analyzing algorithm that you will never find in other software. You ask and we implement! We do not ask to pay for the program before you are sure that the program meets your requirements. First, you contact us and explain what kind of processing you need. We analyse the difficulty of the task and tell you how long it will take to create new modules and presets. Easy tasks are complete within one-two days. Then we send new modules to you and you try them with your files using our trial version of ABP. It has only one limitation: you can process max. 30 files at one processing. When you are sure that it's what you need, you buy full version which allows you to process thousands of files at once. The standard pack includes demo of "Site Map Creator" and "Canon Photos Processor" presets. This utilities software is listed under system utilities file, disk management.

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Exif2htm is a powerf...

Acritum Exif2htm

Exif2htm is a powerful tool allowing you to generate nice and fully customizable HTML tables and web photo albums using EXIF metadata taken from JPEG and TIFF files. Most digital cameras save special EXIF information in photo files. This information usually includes date and time when the photo was taken, aperture value, shutter speed, ISO, flash state, focal length and other useful camera settings. This info is really valuable for professional photographers: they can analyze these parameters and learn how they resulted in the photo quality. Knowing his mistakes, the photographer will try to avoid them later. Photographers-webmasters will be able to publish their photos with EXIF information about them in Internet. Exif2htm is also capable of generating simple TEXT files and comma-separated CSV files, which are compatible with Microsoft Excel and allow to conduct a comprehensive data analysis. graphic apps gallery, cataloging tools shareware listed in graphic apps gallery, cataloging tools section.

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Enot is a photo-cata...

Acritum Photo Enote

Enot is a photo-cataloging software designed to avoid most problems of the existing cataloging solutions and ensure fast and simple search of certain photos within a large photo collection. Enot is an external photo database and search engine that integrates with your favorite photo viewer. It works with almost any photo viewer that supports command line (ACDSee 5 is highly recommended). The following is the list of main features introduced by Enot: * Open-format database that can be exported to XML/HTML/TEXT formats. * Bi-directional integration with virtually any modern photo viewer. * Simplicity of photo migration and the possibility to automatically reassign database records to moved or renamed photos. * In no circumstances your photos will be modified by Enot, all data is kept in external databases only. * Unlimited number of databases in one computer. * Reasonable differentiation of information by fields makes the search fast and relevant. * Database fileds can be imported from EXIF and IPTC metadata of the photos even in batch process. * Obsolete idea of categories gave way to 3D-groups. * Each photo can be assessed by two parameters: impression and quality. * Batch process allows you to update certain database fields for several thousands of photos within just a few seconds. * Advanced search methods such as "searching by season" or "looking for photos taken in a certain distance from the place where the sample photo was taken" makes the search possibilities really ultimate. Try it free of charge - there are no time limitations! graphic apps gallery, cataloging tools shareware listed in graphic apps gallery, cataloging tools section.

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