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Bin-it is a desktop ...


Bin-it is a desktop trash can that gives you quick and easy access to the Mac OS X Trash. Features include: * Desktop Trash: Keep a floating trash can on your desktop. Don't have it hidden in the Dock; * Trash Level Display: Your Trash icon changes depending on the amount of files in the trash (your trash isn't just empty or full, so why is your icon?); * Adjustable: Choose from multiple Trash icon styles, change its size, opacity and size thresholds. Take control of your Trash! This is a shareware listed under system utilities file, disk management category.

Keywords: opacity trash can thresholds mac os x trash icon easy access desktop trash option settings oci

Compost 1.8 is a Mac...


Compost 1.8 is a Mac OS X utility that seamlessly manages items left in the desktop Trash. Compost provides a preference pane and daemon that allows per-user limits on the maximum size and age of trash contents. It will incrementally purge files to meet those restrictions. Also included are a contextual menu plugin that allows immediate deletion and emptying of the trash on specific volumes, and a replacement for the stock trash Get Info window that actually provides useful information. Compost takes the Trash to the next level by adding a number of features to Mac OS X: * Secure Deletion: Secure deletion of Trashed files; * Flexibility: Both global and local Trash settings for each disk; * Individual Cans: Perform Trash actions on individual disks; * Shredding: Erase files directly to bypass the Trash; and * Detailed Information: Replace the Trash Get Info window. This utilities software is listed under system utilities file, disk management.

Keywords: maximum size flexibility contextual menu plugin daemon mac os x trash compost purge files next level desktop trash preference quicktime player information display

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