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AdvaSaR Ed (Editor with Advanced Search and Replace). Unique capabilities: - Search and replace of multi-line text in files and folders. - SmartSearch within HTML and XML - documents (find pair tag - [Ctrl]+[F7]). - SmartSelect within HTML and XML - documents (select tag block - [Shift]+[F7]). - Support AutoView of selected block as HTML-document ([Ctrl]+[F3]). - Support logical functions of search. - Support recursive call of find pattern, for example - \(((?>[^()]+)|(?R))*\) found parenthesized string correctly - (12*(45-21)-7). AdvaSaR Ed is a powerful tool of fast search, replacement and processing of a great amount of textual files such as: web-pages, source codes, messages and correspondence, server and system log-files, historical archives and so on. The target of search can be a simple text as well as Perl compatible regular expressions. Regular expressions are especially handy when you don`t know exactly what you are looking for. In this case you can enter only the form of your target search. With the help of AdvaSaR Ed and regular expressions you are able to carry out a complex processing of program texts, Web-site pages, any documents, to look for data by complicated criteria, to create your own documents and do many other things. AdvaSaR Ed supports patterns, adjusted due to the document extension and allows to perform the search and replace within a great amount of files and directories with the help of one command. This program is good replacement to notepad. AdvaSaR Ed is a shareware categorized under development source editors tools.

Keywords: target search smartsearch textual files system log files shift f7 source codes search and replace recursive regular expressions program texts logical functions xml documents fast search notepad search support html document ed editor autoview automatic html gallery collections

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