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Advent ScanXPress, by Advent Business Solutions, is a Document Management solution that enables organizations to manage the attachment, searching, viewing, scanning, sharing, and security of documents and other digital business information. Probably the best feature of this product is the ability to integrate with just about any application. By specifying fields to track on forms and how they relate to other forms, e.g. Invoice Entry to Invoice Payment, one will always have the information at just a click of a button. Customer service representatives are now empowered to respond to inquiries in a real-time fashion while the customer is on the phone. With just a few clicks, one can relate to all history concerning a customer, supplier or even a transaction. Departments, regional offices and field representatives can view information through there common application where integration has been setup in Advent ScanXPress. Advent ScanXPress provides an auditable and compliant record of transactions with one's value network. Advent ScanXPress is a internet software.

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