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Take cover from run-...

VB Watch

Take cover from run-time errors, test, debug and profile your code. VB Watch is 3 tools in one: Profiler, Debugger, and Protector. Increase the quality, stability and performance of your Visual Basic programs. - Measure performance. See which procedures are the slowest ones, and which lines or loops are taking up most of the time. Or measure execution times before and after your enhancements. - Add advanced error handlers. Error messages can include: error description, procedure name, line number, parameter and variable values, object properties, call stack, screenshot, run-time library versions, and even execution trace procedure-by-procedure, line-by-line. - EXE debugger! Trace the procedure calls and executed code lines in your compiled apps. Even better, monitor and pause your app. See its status. What line is it on? What procedures were called with what arguments? Call stack? Which objects are alive? Setup breakpoints to your exe's and see what's really happening. - Ensure 100% test coverage. Are you sure you tested all your code? VB Watch Profiler records your test sessions as you execute your code. It shows you in red which procedures and lines are still untested. VB Watch is a shareware categorized under visual basic, analysis tools tools.

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Analyze and document...


Analyze and document binary components. ActiveXplorer is a library file manager and analyzer for COM libraries - ActiveX controls, TLBs, DLL and EXE servers - and .NET assemblies. - There are hundreds of libraries on your computer. What are they doing there? Are they installed correctly? What's in them? Your component is ready, but the help file is rather undone? Found a new component but no docs? Relax! ActiveXplorer will create the missing documentation in a minute. - See inside components. Analyze them. What classes, methods and properties do they contain? - Document components. Automatically generate full technical documentation for binary files. List installed files and document their contents. - Escape DLL Hell. Solve installation problems, find missing files, and register files correctly. ActiveXplorer license is shareware and it is listed in activex utilities software.

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Add indentation, com...

VB Friend

Add indentation, complete missing code, auto-correct, backup, and get more desktop space. VB Friend beautifies code and helps you write more of it in less time. Add missing variables, type less with macros, complete missing brackets. Works as add-in to Visual Basic. Straighten the spaghetti code. Add readability to your code by consistent indentation. VB Friends takes your rules to indent your code with your very own style. Add missing variables. Tired of defining variables? Add "Option Explicit" and let VB Friend do the rest. Every time VB finds a new, undefined variable, VB Friend pops up asking for proper declaration. Auto-correct. Upgrade your Visual Basic editor with speedy macros. Type "scc" and get a full "Select Case..Case..Case Else..End Select". Type "ite" and get a full "If..Then..Else..End If" ready to fill in! Fully customizable for all single and multiline code snippets. Type less. Let VB Friend complete any missing End If, End Select or Next MyVar statements. Get more screen space. VB Friend hides VB toolbars automatically when you don't need them. To show them, just move your mouse to where the toolbar was. This is a shareware listed under visual basic, add-ins category.

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Visualize your code ...


Visualize your code with flow charts. Paste in a procedure or a code snippet and Visustin shows its structure. Understand existing code. Review algorithms. Verify correctness of program logic. Document complex procedures. Visustin supports VB, VB.NET, VBA, QuickBASIC and other BASICs, C/C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Pascal/Delphi, COBOL, Perl, T-SQL, PL/SQL and Ada. No matter what kind of code you need to document, Visustin can reverse engineer its underlying structure. All control flow structures such as conditionals, loops, jumps, premature exits and error handling statements are visualized in an easy-to-understand format. No new languages to learn - your existing code is all you need. If you see a real complex case, print it out as a mosaic and hang it on your wall. Visustin has an automatic layout feature which positions the chart elements for maximum readability. You can also use Visustin to create flow charts for Visio 2002, where you can edit them. Supported save file formats: BMP, JPG, PNG, HTML, Visio 2002, EMF, WMF and PostScript. Visustin is a shareware categorized under documentation utilities tools.

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Project Analyzer is ...

Project Analyzer

Project Analyzer is a Visual Basic source code analyzer, optimizer and documentor. It detects code and removes it. It lets you surf your code as hypertext and graphical call trees. With Project Analyzer you document your work with a large selection of reports. - Project Analyzer does an automatic code review to enforce agreed programming standards. It uses numerous configurable optimization and style rules to detect problems in existing code. Examples of the rules are uncalled procedures, unread variables, unoptimal use of data types, possible memory leaks, excess scope, unnecessary use of polymorphism, uncommented code, and empty procedures. - Project Analyzer helps you understand existing projects with the help of structure graphs and call trees. If you don't know how a program actually operates, Project Analyzer is your tool to find that out. - Project Analyzer also calculates metrics, such as lines of code, cyclomatic complexity and structural fan-in and fan-out. - Supports VB 3.0-6.0, VB.NET and ASP.NET. Project Analyzer is a shareware categorized under visual basic, analysis tools tools.

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Visual Studio .NET a...

Studio Complete

Visual Studio .NET add-in that completes code as you write it. Instead of multiline coding constructs such as if..then..else, you just write a 3-letter shortcut. Studio Complete immediately expands the shortcut to the full code. Gain performance by typing less. Works with any .NET language such as VB, C/C++, C#, HTML, XML, XSLT. visual studio, add-ins shareware listed in visual studio, add-ins section.

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