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Hexa Screensaver

A lot of simple and complex, relaxing and addictive, three and two-dimensional animations in this industrial-style minimalistic screensaver. The idea was to take a grid of wireframed hexagons and make it undulate in different ways to get beautiful and unusual animation. And what we have got: Animations are varied from sea to mountains, from absract patterns to quite naturally looking rose, from regular squares to live random moving objects, from ordinary grass to fantastic hyperspace. And that's just a quick enumeration. Try and see all yourself! Features: fast download; minimal number of settings to configure; ability to change and autochange view at runtime; regular updates with new views; installer and uninstaller included. Hexa Screensaver is a screen savers software.

Keywords: hexagons rose uninstaller dimensional animations industrial style mountains grass squares minimal number moving objects animation addictive hyperspace development languages visual database

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