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Goldy and Sweety wan...

Chromentum 2

Goldy and Sweety want to make their land beautiful again, help them on their way by completing over 700 hand-crafted levels, including 120 single action bonus levels with 16 different Chromate types. Move and shoot your Chromate around the levels to try and cover all the circles with other Chromates. Ramps, slides and corners give each level a unique feel and allow you to set up some pretty amazing trick shots. A built in editor lets you create your own levels and stories that you can easily publish for others to play. Every level comes with a complete optimal solution that you can purchase with star points earned from other levels, so you should never get stuck. This is a shareware listed under games, entertainment puzzle, word games category.

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Using just a bat, ke...

The Magic Blackboard

Using just a bat, keep the balls in play and destroy all the bricks to progress through hundreds of levels. The slowly descending bricks encourage strategic play, while the large number of power ups and ball types give endless combinations of game play. The Magic Blackboard features a custom built graphics engine which provides fantastic visual effects that makes this game look like no other. The Magic Blackboard has lots of breakout variant levels, including 3D roller coasters, Space Invaders, Pong, Duck Shoot, and levels where you get to draw your own pictures ! Also included are 132 challenging puzzle levels where, using just your bat and ball, you have to destroy all the bricks by creating groups of three or more of the same type. The Magic Blackboard is a games software.

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The Chromates are ha...

Chromadrome 2

The Chromates are happy-go-lucky, quantum particles that just love playing games. One little Chromate in particular is a bit behind the pack when it comes to faster than light travel and needs your assistance to help him make the grade. Each level is a long, perfectly straight track, and all you have to do is reach the finish line without falling off. There are numerous obstacles like holes, ramps, other Chromates, crazy winding paths, fires and walls, to name just a few, that make it increasingly challenging. You can even set the speed individually for each level so you will never be out of your depth. In the 100+ Arcade levels you will encounter over 40 features and unlock 5 other modes of play: Time Trial Mode - Learn all the tricks to get along these tracks in the quickest possible time. Warp Mode - An extremely long, slowly accelerating track that orbits the earth eventually attaining Warp velocity. The Academy - Practice some of the trickier segments and earn Degree Medals. Chromacing - A full 8 level racing game across massive undulating 3D landscapes. Two Player Games - Split screen action where you can challenge a friend to see who is the best Chromadromer. You'll need to be running Windows XP or Vista and have a second USB mouse to hand! As you progress you will be awarded Medals which allow you to access some of the 40 Bonus Features that allow you to customize the look, feel and sound of Chromadrome in many diverse ways. Chromadrome has been specially designed to be played along to your favorite music. In Options you can select your own music tracks and the background visualizations will respond accordingly. Scoring points in the Arcade will also unlock some phenomenal full screen filter effects, including motion blur, fish eye, and mosaic. Each with various customizable settings to let you create some mesmerizing visuals. All your high scores are recorded with full Action Replay, so you can watch yourself in action over and over again. Chromadrome 2 license is shareware and it is listed in games, entertainment arcade software.

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The Chromates are a ...


The Chromates are a cute race of strange quantum particles. They travel throughout the universe seeking intelligent life forms. They are here, and are they are studying us. Once a world develops an internet, the Chromates release Chromentum. If enough inhabitants can solve the puzzles, the Chromates will divulge the secrets of the quantum universe. Opening unimagined pathways through time and space. Play a part in the future of mankind. Play, Chromentum. Using simple laws of physics, complete over 300 cunningly designed levels. With just two actions, move and shoot, you can manipulate the balls in a myriad of different ways setting up astounding trick shots and causing complicated chain reactions. Imagine Pool crossed with Sokoban. Chromentum features; beautiful 3D, 100% mouse controlled, full tutorial, quest levels, miniature levels, extra levels, bonus levels, 'Tipple' subgame, and a full level editor. This games software is listed under games, puzzle.

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