Domino Ace - real domi...

Domino Ace

Domino Ace - real domino playing game. Play against your computer and take the victory. On game start you and pc get 7 domino tiles. 14 tiles placed into the base. Side which has smallest double tile (1 and 1) except zero tile starts first. All your active domino marked yellow frame and pointed domino marked red frame. When you have selected and clicked domino you can rotate it by clicking right mouse button. Domino automatically rotates to fit ends number. If you do not have active domino you can take any from base. When you put last domino - you have won. Scores counted on usual base, except double zero tile. It costs - 25 scores. Demo Game: no base domino Full Game: - real domino game - nice graphics - full technical support - lifetime upgrade. This is a demo listed under games, entertainment board category.

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Program for screen cap...

Fast Screen Capture

Program for screen capturing and image editing. It allows you to: - capture screen: full screen, active window, region - resize captured image - apply some effects to the image - save image in BMP / JPEG support - print image. This is a freeware listed under screen capture category.

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This is the Arcanoid s...

Bricks Destroyer

This is the Arcanoid style game. Your task is to free space by breaking bricks with ball. You control the ball with your ship. When the last brick is broken - you enter the next level. With new level you get more points per brick. Some bricks have bonus, sometimes it helps. Different monsters will hinder you. You can kill some of them with ball, others with your ship. You get additional scores for killing them. So, break bricks, pass levels and get high scores. Good Luck ! Registered game FEATURES: 100 cool levels 17 types of special bonus items 9 kinds of monster post scores to internet lifetime upgrade full technical support. Bricks Destroyer license is demo and it is listed in arcade software.

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Search your favourite ...

Lyrics Search

Search your favourite music lyrics. Search for: song, album, singer. Read song text with a mouse double click. This is a adware listed under search category.

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Create web photo galle...

My Web Gallery

Create web photo gallery. Program options: - image types: bmp, jpeg; - bmp to jpeg conversion (to make images smaller) - selection of source and result directories; - add (add all) / remove (remove all) image; - preview selected image; - set columns and rows; - set thumbnails size; - set thumbnails compression; - set image size; - set image compression; - add background image; - add background color; - add table color; - add text color; - add pages title, keywords, description - options saved to .ini file. graphic apps gallery, cataloging tools shareware listed in graphic apps gallery, cataloging tools section.

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The idea of the game w...

Bubble Dragon

The idea of the game was taken from well known game Bubble Bobble. You control small dragon and must clear all levels from enemies. You have one weapon - your bubbles. They can catch enemy if touch him. If you touch bubbled monster - he will be killed. There are 2 types of monsters: simple and advanced. Each 4-th level of the game includes 4 advanced enemies. They can shoot magic fireballs. If monsters (or fireballs) touch you - you lose the life. After monster's death - a bonus will appear. Take it to get more scores. Each level may have 3 power bonuses: - fire - water - lightning All of them killed monsters. Do not spend much time on level with alive monsters. Flying monster will appear and will follow you. He is immortal. So do not be slow and try to clear level as soon as you can. To select 2 players game mode - go to options menu Key to move second dragon: A - left D - right W - jump S - shoot To select levels press: 1 - previous level 2 - next level Demo game includes: - 4 levels Full Game includes: - 60 levels - 2 players game mode - 12 kinds of monsters - 13 types of bonuses - lifetime free update - full technical support. This games software is listed under arcade.

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Program writes number ...

Number In Words

Program writes number in words. Number length up to 15 symbols. It automatically converts digits into descriptive text reading the number in words. Number In Words is a freeware categorized under converter tools.

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