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AMERIDUM CHAT characteristics: NO JAVA - built with html, Javascript, XML, C#, using Ajax techniques. NO DATABASE - no need for a database (since it is XML based). - no flashing: Based on advanced Ajax techniques the chat screen refreshes every second(this can be customized), and changes on the screen do not require a screen refresh NO ACTIVEX or PLUGINS, etc. - because it is not java based, the user does not need to install plugins, or to have java components on the machine. A combination of Javascript, XML and C# ASP.NET makes this possible. NO MEMORY STORAGE for messages, users, rooms; everything gets stored on XML files. This feature allows several chat rooms and even chat applications to run on the same server. EVERYTHING ON ONE WINDOW, no popups, or additional windows needed for the chat to work. pure html BANNER AND FOOTER - the banner and the footer are simple html files and can be easy customized EASY TO INSTALL -just unzip a .zip file on the server, create a virtual directory, create some rooms, and the chat is ready INTERFACE FOR ADMINISTRATORS , to create rooms, manage users, display and print reports about chat activity PRIVATE ROOMS - for every user. Easy switch from one room to other, everything on the chat window AUTO CLEANING inactive users are removed from the chat room, even if they don't logoff. Inactive rooms are archived and cleaned after a period of time POPUP BLOCKERS OK ANY MAJOR BROWSER OK - IE, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, Opera PRIVATE MESSAGES on the same chat window MINI CHAT easy to be customized. Ameridum Chat is a shareware categorized under chat tools.

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