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Resource Database Editor

With this editor it is possible to build EXE file independent resource files which can be read by any project over a DLL at runtime. This way for example also multilingual applications could be built easily. You can just read the strings at runtime in that language you need at the moment. But not only string, but also images, audio, video and every other type of files can be saved within the resource files and embedded at runtime (e. g. displaying of language specific videos possible). While installing the editor also multiple example projects installed that show you the handling of the DLL file. Embedding within C# and also Visual Basic is absolute trouble-free. Extra compiled DLL versions for the .NET Framework 1.1 and the .NET Framework 2.0 are included. This way it intergrades seamlessly into your project. If you work with .NET Framework 1.1, you only need .NET Framework 2.0 installed for the editor. Your application will further on distributed with the .NET Framework 1.1. Additionally there is an extra version (also with example project) for Visual Basic 6. programming shareware listed in programming section.

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With the Musik-Menü ...


With the Musik-Menü can be played at the moment 190 songs, while the appropriate lyrics are shown on the screen. The lyrics can also be printed out or stored in an external file. The tempos are freely selectable and a German, English and Spanish help is contained. multimedia freeware listed in multimedia section.

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With Search Backups ...

Search Backups

With Search Backups you can manage your copies for security or other CDs / DVDs. For that the folder and file structure is being read and saved completely. After that you can move through the whole folder and file structer of all indexed CDs / DVDs the same as the CDs / DVDs were in you drive. Additionally you have the possibility to search for folders or files in all indexed CDs / DVDs. Hereto you can additional to the name of the folder / file choose from many other search options like file size, attributes and date of creation. Moreover it is possible to enter an own description for each folder and file. In that descriptions it also can be searched, of course. Final also a small statistic about all indexed CDs / DVDs can be opened. Search Backups license is demo and it is listed in backup software.

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