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CenturionPlayer is a new multimedia player, with powerfull possibilities and OnScreen controls * OSD. Shows current and left time in video window, position and volume control just in video window. * Universal re-sizing with constraining proportions or without it (possible adjustment of aspect ratio, sides proportions, image center). Now possible to select some part of video and play it on full screen. (With Ctrl pressed, you can drag video in window with mouse, with Alt you can change zoom with mouse). * KeyFrame search in avi files. (Very fast changes a position of playing). * Subtitles support. * Bookmarks. Now possible to set unlimited bookmarks for each file, marking the favorite moments. * PlayList. * 10 bands Equalizer SlyEQ (Without skin support yet). * Position and filename saving (you can continue playing next time). * Sound channel select (if file contains many sound streams). * Automatic delayed mouse hiding. * Screensaver disabling. * Mode for displaying video as wallpaper on windows desktop (If it is supported by video type and video card) * Skins support. * Drag&Drop support. * Options an windows position autosave. Just tune your player once, and it will stay forever. * Changes priority in a system. * Absolute coordinates positioning of video window (Useful for dual monitor or TV out support). * Correctly support dual monitor and Twin View mode. * Tray minimizing. Sometimes is better to control playback with OSD or popup menu, then with control panel. * Continuous loopback feature. * Still Image Capture. Video frames saving. * Multilanguage support. Interface can be easily translated on any language (Now there is English/Russian/Ukrainian). * Adjustable hotkeys for most of operations. * Added "Shutdown after play" feature (for those who likes watching movies in bed before sleeping :))) * Listing and adjusting of used DirectShow filters. and more OTHER !!! CenturionPlayer license is shareware and it is listed in video players,conferencing video,audio players,video,players,audio software.

Keywords: video window support interface stay forever control playback video type osd drag drop support proportions new multimedia time sound video frames skin support multilanguage support sound streams image center window position support bookmarks autosave directshow filters keyframe pile up email delivery

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