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Complete voyage planning for shipping

NavTools Route is developed or distributed by Andromeda Productions and is licensed as shareware. Complete voyage planning utility for ocean and coastal shipping and yachts. Complete voyage planning utility for ocean and coastal shipping and yachts, unlimited number of waypoints, greatcircle or rhumbline. Caculates average weather enroute as well as estimated vessels performance and optimal speed settings. Includes hurricane tracking, calculation of CPA and TCPA of tropical storm compared to any route. Automatically generates AMVER, SISREP, AUSREP, and other reporting messages. Plottingsheets and graphs can be printed. Internal database with port-information and relevant navigational warnings, as well as reporting points and past positionfixes. Calculation of estimated fuel consumption allows you to select the most optimal route for each season, taking into account average weather and current enroute as well as vessels draft and estimated performance....

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