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DreamCalc Pro is the...

DreamCalc Pro

DreamCalc Pro is the professional scientific and financial calculator for Windows. It is easy to use and provides a natural interface with a tactile feel, allowing you to finally dispense with your desk calculator. Financial support: TVM Compound Interest, NPV, IRR, Amortization, and SL, SOYD, DB depreciation. Statistical support, including regression, covariance, normalized variant t, distributions, confidence intervals, Z Values, population and sample STD. Spreadsheet style entry of statistical and cash-flow data. Full engineering features, including display of SI Prefix. Over 200 functions, including extended trigonometry, prime numbers, factorization, permutations and more. Full base-n and numeric precision. Conversions and built-in scientific constants. Supports both standard order algebraic input and true order - like modern scientific calculators. Paper Roll keeps record of input in true algebraic order. On-screen formula display. Runs in system tray (optional). Extensive documentation. Large user base & well tested. Competitively priced. Screenshot is a Must See! DreamCalc Pro is a shareware categorized under business, miscellaneous, calculators, mathematics, science, education tools.

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DreamCalc is the de-...

Free DreamCalc

DreamCalc is the de-facto standard FREE photo realistic scientific calculator for Windows. It is the only choice which allows you to throw away your desk calculator. Fully featured and naturally convenient to use. Screenshot a Must See! Free DreamCalc license is freeware and it is listed in business, miscellaneous, calculators, mathematics, science, education software.

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