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This program is a lightweight, configurable and flexible player application. It can either be used as a hub for your media activities or added to your distribution disc. Adding this player to your distribution disc will make sure your audience experience is the same. This graphics software is listed under media player.

Keywords: hub audience experience graphics card beta version

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MJ Pegger

This program relies on the CODEC software installed on your system to decompress audio and video data. It then uses built in logic to convert this data to AVI Motion JPEG and/or CD quality PCM audio. Use this software to convert your downloaded media files or those created with your web cam, digital camera and other peripherals. MJ Pegger is a freeware categorized under video and audio conversion tools.

Keywords: cam digital web cam cd quality motion jpeg logic digital camera codec software video data media files peripherals pcm audio gurus applet menu

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This program can be used to assemble your multimedia files into visual presentations, complete with video and audio transition effects. It's simple and flexible interface reads like a story board. Media components can easily be reassembled, producing results that can be fed back into new presentations. video and audio editing and processing demo listed in video and audio editing and processing section.

Keywords: visual presentations multimedia files transition effects flexible interface xsl transformations remote camera

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This program can be used to add special effect filters to your media files, modify frame rates and resolution settings or change your audio sample properties. It can help you convert, manage and modify your media file collection into the AVI Motion JPEG video editing format. medi@morph license is demo and it is listed in video and audio editing and processing software.

Keywords: video editing frame rates motion jpeg media files resolution settings audio sample effect filters work efficiency gps data

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