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Hardware Info ("HWareInfo") is a simple freeware command line utility that gives you brief information about various areas of your system. Use to take a quick snapshot of your current system configuration.

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Paessler WMI Tester

This internet tool is a tool for quickly and easily testing the accessibility of WMI counters. "Windows Management Instrumentation" is the latest technology from Microsoft for monitoring and managing Windows based systems. Products like Paessler's IPCheck Server Monitor make use of the WMI functionality to monitor computers in network environments. Internet freeware Paessler WMI Tester is listed in network, internet network monitoring tools.

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WorkStation Lock

This software provides simple and effective security to password protect your system at startup or on demand without involving a screen saver. It is easy to configure and requires no modifications to your current Windows system configuration and is very secure. Administrator functions are enabled for site licenses. This utilities shareware WorkStation Lock is categorized under security.

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The Day View OCX is a list of items or appointments for a day which is like the Microsoft Outlook Day View displayed in the calendar. DayView is a shareware software filed under activex, components, ocx, vb utilities.

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This tool provides security for systems that are accessible to many people and require a consistent configuration and a consistent, limited selection of services such as public displays or computer labs. This shareware is archived under security category.

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Smart Battery Workshop

"Smart Battery Workshop" is a package of utilities, which are useful in process of notebook battery repair. It uses Philips Standard I2C Parallel Port Adapter that can be assembled in one hour by person with no electronics skills. Utilities demo Smart Battery Workshop is listed in system utilities other tools.

grate electronics skills m700

MS Developer Studio AddIn

FEATURES: (1) #define expander. (2) Easily insert pieces of C/C++ code. (3) ZIP your workspace with single mouse click. (4) Kill the process beeing debugged. (5) Color picker (6) Advanced #define tags

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DayView .Net Component

The Day View .Net Component is a list of items or appointments for a day which is like the Microsoft Outlook Day View displayed in the calendar. The Day View .Net Component allows the programmer to add, move and remove items, and define their appearance. Each item may have a title bar and icon, to differentiate between types of appointment. The appointments may dragged and stretched using the user interface. This shareware is archived under development basic, vb, vb dotnet category.

microsoft reminder programmer

Task Lock

Software access control program Task Lock provides simple and effective password security for specified applications for Windows no matter how they are executed. Block the execution of selected applications. This shareware is archived under security category.

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Instant Password Finder

When Windows system running, many important data are stored into system area silently and stealthily, includes your personal, private and supposedly confidential information. Instant Password Finder extracts the Username/Password info for you. Instant Password Finder is a shareware software filed under security, privacy other utilities.

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Battery EEPROM Works

This software is designed to simplify a process of laptop battery repair. This process can be divided in two parts: cells replacement and fixing the content of EEPROM or integrated Flash of laptop battery controller. While cells replacement is easy and can be made by any technician who can work with welding machine, EEPROM fixing is very complicated and important task and can be made only by the personal with special skills. CHeck your laptop battery with this utility and see if it needs a replacement. Battery EEPROM Works is licensed as shareware and filed in system utilities other section.


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