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Promotional PDA Home Buying Guide

Promote Your Real Estate Business with Personalized PDA Software Real estate professionals can easily generate more web site leads with a customized version of Promotional PDA Home Buying Guide. You can give useful and targeted software to your web site visitors for free. This unique product installs on the users' PDAs and helps them with their home search. Make sure that your customers see your name and picture every time they use their PDA for house hunting. Since the software is free to your web visitors and contains your contact information, it turns web visitors into leads and turns those leads into customers. You can promote your real estate business with PDA Home Buying Guide even if you do not own or use a PDA. Realtor Marketing Ideas Generate leads with free software downloads from your web site. Email a complimentary copy to new clients and listings. Give out copies at open houses. Include a copy on diskette with house brochures. Mail copies to your farm area on diskette. Beam a copy to home buyers with a Palm OS PDA during meetings. Promotional PDA Home Buying Guide license is demo and it is listed in real estate, financial software.

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PDA Home Buying Guide Standard

Find the Right House at the Best Price Finding and purchasing the right home is a complex task that many people do rarely. However, few purchase decisions can have a greater impact on your quality of life. We designed and built PDA Home Buying Guide to help PalmOS consumers get a better handle on the house search and purchase process. Features include home database, mortgage calculator and a backgrounder on the ins and outs of purchasing a home. With PDA Home Buying Guide on your PalmOS PDA, you'll keep your house search organized, calculate your own monthly mortgage costs and become an informed buyer. Comprehensive House Database Entries The home database is easy to fill out while you tour prospective houses. Everything in the database is searched by the PalmOS global find mechanism for easy access by feature. Easy Mortgage Calculator The mortgage calculator is very easy to use. Just enter the cost of the house, down payment, interest rate and length of the loan and quickly calculate your monthly payments. Yearly property taxes and home owner's insurance can be added as well for a more realistic monthly payment. Complete Real Estate Industry Guide The backgrounder is a short book covering all aspects of the purchase process. Major sections include: finding funding, building your team of professionals, searching for a house, inspecting houses, negotiating price and terms, the closing and reference material for further study. You can search the glossary of real estate terms using the Palm OS global search tool. This home/hobby software is listed under real estate, financial.

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