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AquaGame Zodiac is a...

AquaGame Zodiac

AquaGame Zodiac is an amazing tetris-like game.Entralling christmas puzzle game with kaleidoscope of zodiacal signs and dazzling colors. Balls fall in the triangle glass and white christmas snow is illuminated with light of its annigilations. Multiple variants of the game, bonuses, joker bubble make the game absorbing pursuit for all the family. Highly original music, stunning color effects and genuine fireworks in the end. Find the ideal strategy in the starry world of signs and colors. This is an irresistible family game. Secure online registration available. This games software is listed under tetris-like.

Keywords: zodiac family game white christmas balls fireworks puzzle game variants tetris joker stunning color kaleidoscope pursuit zodiacal signs christmas snow original music colors christmas puzzle serial driver shortcut buttons

AquaPuzzle Pentic is...

AquaPuzzle Pentic

AquaPuzzle Pentic is an amazing multilevel puzzle game in fullscreen mode. High color graphics, excellent sound and fascinating gameplay contribute to the pleasant atmosphere of the game which is aimed at the recreation for mind and eye. Find the ideal strategy and gather up all the levels of this fascinating multilevel mosaic. You can change skins on the tiles. Now the game support skins from jpg-files with 16 millions colors as from bmp-files. Compact code made possible to include 3 sets of skins in the least size of install file. New sets of pictures for the game are available on the site of the developers. The game is interesting to all the family. Secure online registration available. This games software is listed under puzzle.

Keywords: puzzle game support skins bmp files colors change skins excellent sound game support jpg files gameplay compact code color graphics atmosphere mosaic tiles fullscreen mode zipper daring

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