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Join the epic adventur...

Bricks of Camelot

Join the epic adventures of Camelot in this action packed sequel to last years smash-hit Bricks of Egypt. This time with a heavy artillery of power-ups and stunning special effects. Collect treasures, armoury and gold as you travel through the King's castles, the dark dungeons, the Sherwood forest and more exciting places. Special features: * 15 themed level packs * An exciting adventure though medieval environments * A movie-like soundtrack * Rich set of bricks, bonuses and special effects * Separate high score list for every level pack * 3 difficulty settings makes this game suit everyone. games, entertainment arcade shareware listed in games, entertainment arcade section.

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Pop balls, spin crazy ...

Funny Faces

Pop balls, spin crazy faces and score points in this colorful puzzle popper! Includes four different game modes to give both beginners and advanced players a challenging gameplay. Be strategic and pop more and more each level in Classic Mode. Pop FAST to get the highest score in 120 seconds in Timed Mode. Clear a single board of tokens strategically in Clear-the-board. Or just pop for relax and fun in Relax Mode. Funny Faces license is shareware and it is listed in puzzle software.

Keywords: funny faces pop puzzle medium sized enterprises

A relaxing game with a...

Pirates of Treasure Island

A relaxing game with a unique combination of brick-matching puzzle and exciting adventure. Every move you make on the puzzle screen guides the game's main character - Captain Gingerbeard - on his adventure to find the secret of Treasure Island. As you match groups of the correct color tiles, you make pirate ships cross the ocean, fire broadsides, fence against buccaneers, walk through tropical jungles or forbidding castle dungeons - and more! Pirates of Treasure Island is a rich treasure trove of puzzle-action, where your skills as a puzzle gamer spells fortune, success and high scores in the pirate story being played out as you play. This is a game with hours and hours of fun - and you'd be a scurvy landlubber to miss it! Features: * 35 Levels with varying game modes * Unique combination of puzzle and adventure * Unlimited tile-matching scoring * Amazing pirate animations * Pirate movie-style soundtrack * Unbeatable gameplay value The wind is in the sails right now! - Download the demo or buy the full game and cast off for Treasure Island - There is not a moment to loose if you want to find 'Treasure Island' and its untold riches before somebody else does! This games software is listed under games, entertainment adventure, roleplay.

Keywords: puzzle adventure arcade action pirates bricks relaxing amazing world

Build and decorate you...

Alice Greenfingers

Build and decorate your own blooming garden of flowers and vegetables in this highly addictive simulation game. Follow the market trends, learn to know your customers and sell ripe crops to expand and get your business profitable. o Wide variety of upgrades o Design the garden the way YOU like it o 12 Awards to win o Up-to-date statistics to follow o Sow, water and harvest a wide range of crops o Enrich your land with animals o The big bucks await the best gardener o Graceful ornaments to decorate your garden with. This is a shareware listed under games, entertainment simulation category.

Keywords: alice greenfingers garden sim simulation design farm industry standard

Bricks of Egypt takes ...

Bricks of Egypt

Bricks of Egypt takes you on a fantastic journey through an undiscovered egyptian world of traps, lasers, fire-balls, gems and hieroglyphs. Classic brick breaking action for all ages. Spiced up with a rich set of bricks, bonuses and special effects. Features: o 96 levels divided into 8 themed level packs (32 levels in the Trial version) o 3 difficulty settings o Rich set of bricks, bonuses and special effects o Super smooth game control o And much more... This is a shareware listed under arcade category.

Keywords: bricks of egypt arkanoid arcade egyptian-themed brick breaking spiced rich set bonuses fx search capability

Take a dive into the l...

Bricks of Atlantis

Take a dive into the lost worlds of Atlantis! A blockbusting deep sea adventure through ancient ruins, where a sea full of magic fish help you along your journey! Can you handle the pressure through all 190 amazing levels, equipped with your harpoon gun and Poseidon's powers to control tornados and stone avalanches? Special features: * 10 themed level packs, * An exciting adventure though medieval environments * A movie-like soundtrack * Rich set of bricks, bonuses and special effects * Separate high score list for every level pack * 3 difficulty settings makes this game suit everyone. This is a shareware listed under games category.

Keywords: bricks of atlantis arkanoid arcade backup devices

Help Gold Miner Joe ex...

Gold Miner Joe

Help Gold Miner Joe explore the legendary four-shafted gold mine in this cartoon-style jump n run game. Be careful and avoid the sneaky Kentucky brothers who won't hesitate to fire your rump full of salt. Features include: hundreds of screens to explore, hidden treasures o Exciting bonus levels o Super smooth game control o Dynamite sticks o An original digital soundtrack o Multiple layers of parallax scrolling o And much more. Gold Miner Joe license is shareware and it is listed in arcade software.

Keywords: gold miner jump run platform arcade collecting adventure acceleration of gravity


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