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An amusing, easy-to-...

Archibald's Free Puzzle

An amusing, easy-to-play puzzle with several levels of difficulty. Easy installation and rules. The puzzle image can be chosen from among several themes (aircraft, cars, etc.) Autosave, background music, and help on the puzzle image during the game. Completely free of charge. The player's job is to put a fragmented image back together. Each 4 pieces in a 2x2 square can be moved either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Move the pieces by clicking on the central point (marked by arrows) with the left or right mouse button. combinatorial, logical game, puzzles freeware listed in combinatorial, logical game, puzzles section.

Keywords: logical combinatorial fun kids children tiles original puzzle puzzles amusing easy-to-play several levels difficulty program type

Archibald's TriTris ...

Archibald's TriTris

Archibald's TriTris is a clone of world-famous Tetris, based on lining up tiles of the same color. Amusing and easy-to-play choice for everyone who wants to try something new. Non-violent arcade game for kids, adults, home or office. You are to line up three or more tiles of the same color horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Triplets of the same color are erased, freeing space for the next bar falling down. The game ends by filling up the game field in arbitrary column. Archibald's TriTris is a shareware categorized under arcade, tetris-like tools.

Keywords: tetris arcade fun kids children bricks clone tetris-like tiles colors coloured world-famous based lining same color posterity

Archibald's Digger r...

Archibald's Digger

Archibald's Digger remakes the well-liked arcade ?Boulder Dash? in modern way. As long as you like to recall frenzied flights from falling rocks and mysterious spirit of the quarry, or easy to have a game different from neverending variations of ?PacMan?, try for free this uncommon and thrilling one. New, modern graphics, tens of new designed levels and much more ? this is Archibald`s Digger all round. This is a shareware listed under arcade category.

Keywords: arcade fun kids children clone boulder dash stones falling archibald digger remakes well-liked boulder dash modern way cars bmw

A computer version o...

Archibald Alphabet Minigolf

A computer version of the popular golfing / pool game in untraditional set-up. Each of the succesive alphabetical letters serves as a particular race. Are you able to reach -Z- so win the game? Lovely music in addition to perfect graphics. Top ten chart and, of course, the help screen. Non-violent, enjoyable game for all age groups. An ideal relaxation as well as plenty of hours of entertainment for everyone. An excelent game even for kids as it helps learning the alphabet ? each letter-shaped race is surrounded by features of objects whose names begin with respective letter. Archibald Alphabet Minigolf license is shareware and it is listed in arcade, sports software.

Keywords: minigolf pool ball arcade sport fun kids children version popular golfing untraditional set-up hi fi

Archibald Arcade Div...

Archibald Arcade Diver

Archibald Arcade Diver is thrilling submarine kind of adventure based on classical arcade style. A combination of shooting game, classical arcade and popular Bomber-like game makes Archibald Arcade Diver being splendid and long-lasting amusement for everyone. 50 of diligently designed levels have mysterious atmosphere of depths, attractive graphics, captivating music and sound effects. And the racy end - after setting his sweetheart free at last level, Diver wouldn't put off enjoying the very special reward... This is a shareware listed under arcade category.

Keywords: arcade diver undersea submarine bomber bombs fun kids children thrilling kind adventure based classical style lexar

Ice Cubes is a combi...

Archibald's Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes is a combinatorial and logical computer game based on an original idea. The game consists of a few tens of rounds at varying levels of difficulty suitable both beginners including children and advanced users. Other rounds can be downloaded from the homepage or can be created by means of a free level editor which is a part of the Ice Cubes installation. These all mentioned-above features provide an endless entertainment during solving combinatorial puzzles or creating them just for yourselves, your family or for the other users. This games software is listed under combinatorial, logical game, puzzles.

Keywords: logical combinatorial bricks brick fun kids children tiles cubes original puzzle puzzles ice based idea study vocabulary

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