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Fax Harvester

Fax number extraction software that provides the capability to gather business fax numbers from the internet. No need to ever purchase fax number lists again. Broadcast faxing is extremely profitable and now, with Fax Harvester, it is extremely inexpensive. You can gather thousands of targeted fax numbers in minutes. Search by area code or target your audience by keywords. Fax Harvester pays for itself the first time you use it. Fax Harvester is a shareware categorized under communications fax tools tools.

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Marketing Leads Data...

Marketing Leads Database 2005

Marketing Leads Database 2005...3 million businesses with contact information such as name, address, city, state, zip, phone, and fax numbers. Highly accurate data. Highly deliverable. Our Marketing Leads Database can provide the sales leads your business needs. Search by area code, state, SIC code, City or combinations. Export as many as you like. Fields exported depends on your marketing type. For mail marketing, export name and address. For Fax Marketing, export name and Fax Number. For telemarketing, name and phone number. Very simple to use. This is a demo listed under business databases, tools category.

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