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Read-e PLUS

This is one of those applications you really need to see in action. Maybe you have a lot of Web reading to do. Maybe you or someone you know has difficulty reading. Maybe you just want to experience a richer form of browsing the Web. If so you'll want to try Read-e. Key features include: 1) Will read aloud the vast majority of web pages and page elements 2) Choose your reader's voice from 11 languages as well as either sex (male/female) 3) Unique multi-sensory user interface 4) Quick word look-up, which is also read aloud in the same way 5) Pop-up and child browser suppression for a less distracting web reading experience 6) Free upgrades with auto notification 7) Reads clipboard content allowing the same reading functionality throughout Windows (e.g. read allowed the contents of a word processor, like MS Word).8) SPELL CHECKS TEXT TYPED IN WEB PAGES!! Enjoy! This internet software is listed under audio text to speech,e-mail spell checkers,web surfing browsers,office applications spell checkers,web surfing kid safe surfing,web surfing browser utilities.

Keywords: read aloud reading experience languages functionality sex male female clipboard content checks web pages user interface word processor page elements e key free upgrades ms word auto notification web reading speech program autocad command

This easy to use, ye...


This easy to use, yet powerful multisensory web browser, helps you read the web and other text, by reading it to you. It also highlights words as they are read, in a font and background colour of your choice. It also has a quick word look-up function, for referencing unknown words. Perfect if you have a lot of web reading to do. Or maybe you or someone you know has difficulty reading (e.g. poor eye-site, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD). Whoever you are, you could probably use Read-e to benifit your use of the web. This is a shareware listed under internet, utilities, dyslexia category.

Keywords: add adhd benifit web reading background colour web browser dyslexia appointment reminders current value

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