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This internet utility can encrypt and hide all format secret files or text messages into an image. You can set a password to protect the encryption files and text messages. You can view the image hidden files and text messages as same as normal image.

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Encryption of files and e-mail for security using one time pads. One pad technology doesnot require user names or passwords. All you need is an offset number and pad name. Easy to use tool to encrypt any email or file. cryptoPad is licensed as demo and placed in security section.

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Cypditor is a text editor to save data with a high-secure encryption algorithm (AES). No other software needed: application and documents are in one, beacuse the mechanism to encrypt and decrypt the text files is part of it. No installation required! Crypditor is licensed as freeware and placed in security, privacy encryption tools section.

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Assembly Language program for splitting large files for easier distribution with CRC and Encryption. Files can be split by either the number of files that you want, the maximum file size, or you can use preset common sizes for floppies, CDs, etc... Chop is licensed as shareware and placed in file splitter, security, encryption section.

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Solid Encryption

This gives you access to unbreakable OTP encryption. You can encrypt to and from files or directly to the clipboard. Paste cipher-text directly into text documents. Generate real random keys with no more than a radio and a sound card. Solid Encryption is licensed as shareware and placed in security, privacy encryption tools section.

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WinGuard Pro 2008

Password protect, or lock, Windows programs and EXE files for free. Plus encryption for your files, folders and drives (via Explorer). Extra features to disable Task Keys, Software Installation, Downloads and more. WinGuard Pro 2008 is a shareware software filed under security, privacy access control utilities.

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MD5 Checksum Verifier

This software is files integrity checker based on the time proven MD5 algorithms. With it you can easily create checksums of files and verify their integrity in the future. MD5 Checksum Verifier is licensed as shareware and placed in system utilities file, disk management section.

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Extract Email Addresses From Multiple Web Sites Software

Extract email addresses from internet websites. Load a list of web addresses and the program will extract the email addresses automatically. Duplicates are automatically removed at the end of extraction. Extract Email Addresses From Multiple Web Sites Software is licensed as shareware and placed in communications e-mail list management section.

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Software that lists the most commonly prescribed Drugs. Search over 500 entries by generic or brand name in the registered version. Included are side-effects of vitamins, minerals, food items, and herbs. Home/health shareware Side-Effects is listed in health, fitness, home, education tools.

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It's never been easier to make your own custom fonts. Scanahand allows you to generate fonts without the need to know all of the technical details involved. Simply print a template, draw all of the characters and your signature using a black marker or felt-tip pen, and scan your drawing. Scanahand will build your font, and install it, ready for you to use. It's easy and fun, so give it a try and add a personal touch to your computer!

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