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HelpWriter is an hel...


HelpWriter is an help file editor.You can easy create help files and content files. You can put graphics select fonts,colors,sizes. HelpWriter is a development tools software.

Keywords: content files colors help file help files fonts exchange maillist web media

PostOffice is an exc...


PostOffice is an excelent massmailer and email manager, Auto add new emailaddreses, Auto remove emailaddresses, Auto delete bounced emailaddresses, Auto check for new messages, Handle mutiple mailinglists, Auto replay when Subscribe, Auto replay when Unsubscribe, Send Plain or Html messages, Send Attachement, Excluded list, Import mailinglists, Auto check for dublicates, Auto notify when new version is avalible, Auto add Un/Subscribe info in email,. This internet software is listed under email.

Keywords: email replay manager auto html messages postoffice excelent auto check avalible emailaddresses change options colour coded

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