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The Business OpsCenter

The Business OpsCenter is an integrated office communication and tracking tool. The OpsCenter allows any user to immediately see the status of any other user. A receptionist can route, manage and take messages from customer or client calls much more quickly and efficiently. Team members can better communicate with each other. Consultants can come and go to visit clients without worrying about people not knowing where they are. All-round office efficiency improves dramatically. The core features of the OpsCenter include viewing, tracking, and managing user status (including user groupings), sending and receiving text messages including specialized phone messages, vacation calendar and management system, bulletin board system, and highly customizable features on both the system level and individual client level. OpsCenter supports up to 100 users and can be downloaded and evaluated for FREE with full functionality for 30 days. FREE Email tech support is also available. The Business OpsCenter is a business software.

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