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Present your news an...

Aurigma FlashChart

Present your news and success with a wide array of Macromedia Flash powered charts. Spruce them up with an even wider selection of graphic add-ons! A must have for amazing graphs! And the world is waiting: A huge majority of browsers-and the eyes behind them-support this format and appreciate the fluid beauty of Flash. It's compact and responsive. Your data will move through time and space, brought to life with FlashChart! Customize it! Make your Charts sing! With FlashChart's appearance settings, you can adjust almost every element of your graphs and projections. And for true control and versatility, your adjustments and settings can be saved as a separate work file, re-edited then re-applied! Baking a pie chart? Bar graphs that pump? Whatever you're cooking, this control enables you to prep "style schemes" or skins, and FlashChart ships with 30 ready-to-use style schemes! Developed for .NET: The .NET Framework environment means double your value. How sweet is that? Handshaking between .NET and COM technologies gives you the power to use FlashChart in ActiveX and other common projects.* (*Assumes installation of .NET Framework). MSDN-style documentation! We made FlashChart convenient, pleasant, easy to use when we added documentation MSDN style! Full integration with Visual Studio .NET, full use of dynamic help, full speed ahead! Features: -Four chart styles-columns, rows, lines and areas-display your data as accumulated or normalized information, or both! We've even included the ability to set up animated pie charts! We want to help you chart the success of your enterprise fast. -To add even more flexibility, we designed FlashChart as a web control. Used in design-time or run-time, appearances and data can be manipulated either way. -In .NET or ActiveX, FlashChart is your one tool! -FlashChart's use of Macromedia Flash means cross-platform reach toward many, many users. -FlashChart images look great and come alive through multiple types. Aurigma FlashChart is a shareware categorized under activex, .net tools.

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Graphics Mill 2.0 is...

Aurigma Graphics Mill

Graphics Mill 2.0 is a "must have" imaging component. It supplies the most important features: load/save popular formats, apply effects, draw text/shapes, use color management, etc. It provides a solid basis to build professional imaging software. When other imaging component vendors left ActiveX platform and focused on .NET market, Aurigma decided that it is too early to drop the ActiveX market. ActiveX is still the prevalent platform (at least for desktop apps) and it still requires a powerful imaging solution - Graphics Mill. Features * Fast & memory-friendly algorithms. * Load/save images: o JPEG,PNG,GIF,WBMP,TIFF,BMP (read/write); o PCX,PSD (read); o PDF,SWF (write); o Special fast thumbnailing method; * Color management: o Load/save embedded ICC profiles in files; o Convert color spaces with ICC profiles; o Draw image using device profile. * Reduce colors to 2-256 colors (with predefined or adaptive palettes and various dithering methods). * Combine images. * Can display progress bar. * Transforms: resize,rotate,crop,wave,custom projective transform (e.g. perspective),etc. * Image correction: HSL,brightness/contrast,levels,channel balance,etc. * Artistic effects: buttonize,emboss,glow,mosaic,shadow,etc. * Filters: blur,edge detect,median,sharpen,etc. * Low-level access to pixels (to make fast custom effects). * Drawing: o 2 drawing engines (GDI/GDI+); o Draw lines,curves,rects,ellipses,text (can be outlined),etc; o Change pen/brush params; o Can get text extent; * Controls and dialogs: o Scrollable viewer control: + Rubber-band select/zoom; + Zoom in/out display, scale-to-gray method for 1-bit images; + Displays non-opaque images properly; + Applies color management; o Open/Save dialog: + Image preview; + Displays basic file info; o Color picker dialog; * Powerful demo app (with source code) - great starter kit. Aurigma Graphics Mill license is shareware and it is listed in image processing, image display software.

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Graphics Processor 1...

Aurigma Graphics Processor

Graphics Processor 1.9 is a must have image processing component. Based on the GDI+ graphics library used by the new Microsoft operating systems, it provides a wide range of functionality. Graphics Processor 1.9 integrates important features?raster object, drawing objects, image collection and encoding?providing a solid foundation on which you can build powerful image processing applications that will support all your needs, even layers. Create exceptional imagery with quick access to your file data. Save and load images not only from disk, but also from databases and any data sources which support streams and picture objects. Draw shapes instantly with the line, rectangle, ellipse, polygon and custom shape tools. Create complex graphics easily with semi-transparent pens and fill them with different brushes (solid color or semi-transparent, patterns, and textures). Power common Windows applications as well as web projects with Graphics Processor. Output images directly to PictureBoxes and any control which provides a handle to DC. Support of more then 40 effects (resize, rotate ,flip, color equalizing, rectangle and ellipse crop, blur, sharpen, edge detect, emboss, auto and manual lightness adjusting, auto and manual contrast adjusting, auto level, add noise, ripple, swirl, spray, antialiasing, adjusting colors in the HSL color system, transforming color image to grayscale, solarize, mosaic effect, swapping RGB channels, waddle, texturize, buttonize - making image looking like buttons, glow, shadow, erosion, expand, page curl, remove noise). Work with all common file types (JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF, SWF, WBMP). Load images from files and streams. Save in RGB and CMYK color spaces Color reduction and dithering Basic vector graphic drawing capabilities. Draw rectangles, ellipses, curves, Bezier splines, lines, polylines, polygons, and text. This development tools software is listed under image processing, image display.

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Image editing softwa...

Aurigma PhotoEditor

Image editing software PhotoEditor is most convenient web-based software for online photo editing. Designed for easy work with photos over the web, it ideally combines all most popular and required photo editing options with speed and simplicity of use. When integrated with a site, it allows visitors to edit a photo stored there - rotate, crop, remove red eye effect, apply most common artistic effects, etc. It does not require anything other than a regular browser. PhotoEditor is especially beneficial for companies that provide online photo printing services and online photo albums and galleries. With PhotoEditor, you get everything you need to edit photos before posting them or having them printed. Editor features: * Crop: - Fixed aspect ratios (4''x6'', 5''x7'', etc) - Quality meter (i.e. warns the user if the image will be too small after being cropped) * Red eye removal - Automatic mode (based on the face selection) - Manual mode * Rotation and flipping - 90 degrees clockwise - 90 degrees counter-clockwise - Flip horizontally/vertically * Color and tone adjustment - Automatic fix - Brightness - Contrast - Saturation * Fun artistic features: - Tinting - Borders - Artistic effects * After the user edits the image, they can: - Save the result as a new image - Overwrite the result - Revert the image to the original. PhotoEditor user interface utilizes cutting-edge AJAX technology. It means that no need for ActiveX controls/Java applets/Flash. Also it provides cross-browser compatibility (works with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari). PhotoEditor exposes the following benefits from the developer's point of view: * Straightforward installation and integration. Just several simple steps are required to get started. * Customizable look-and-feel. * Easy to localize. All text strings are stored in a separate XML file. It is easy to translate it to other language. * The source code is included (VB.NET). Aurigma PhotoEditor is a shareware categorized under development basic, vb, vb dotnet tools.

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Image Uploader is a ...

Aurigma Image Uploader

Image Uploader is a client-side ActiveX control which allows you to upload and navigate through the images on a client computer, make basic image processing (generate thumbnails, rotate), edit descriptions of images and then upload them to a server. It dramatically increases the efficiency uploading images to a server compared to standard ; elements. It can also upload up to 3 thumbnails, so you need not generate them on the server. Non-image files can be also uploaded. It retrieves data to server in standard multipart/form-data format, so files can be handled by any script or platform: ASP, ASP.NET, Perl, PHP, ColdFusion, JSP, etc. Features: * Easy navigation through the folders on your computer. Several view modes: thumbnails (for JPEG, TIFF, etc), details, list, and icons; * Supports non-images too. * Memory friendly even for huge number of uploaded files; * Auto-recovery upon connection failure; * Send up to 3 thumbnails for each image; * Ability to rotate 90, 180, and 270 degrees; * Ability to add descriptions to files; * Displays progress bar/estimation time during upload; * Displays print quality meter; * 100% Unicode support; * Easy localization; * Ability to set limitations (for file size, dimensions, etc); * Ability to attach additional data to upload; * Ability to manage the control through JavaScript; * Supports XP styles; * Drag-n-drop support; * Tested with Windows XP SP2. Code samples for ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, Cold Fusion, and JSP (Resin and Tomcat) are available. Can be licensed either for single site (one domain) or all sites on one server. Aurigma Image Uploader is a development tools software.

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Graphics Mill for .N...

Aurigma Graphics Mill for .NET

Graphics Mill for .NET is an SDK for developers who need image manipulation and related functionality for their Web or Desktop applications. The SDK includes rich functionality to develop professional apps: web to print solutions, print imaging solutions, online photo editors, brochures and business card editors, etc. Your app will be able to draw shapes, text, bitmaps, save and load from all popular image file formats (including PSD read support), convert between color spaces, use color management profiles, apply various transforms, artistic effects and filters, perform color correction and adjustment, do red-eye effect removal, work with videos and image metadata and do a lot more. Graphics Mill comes in x86 and x64 versions and has memory-friendly implementation, optimization for multiple CPU cores and CPUs, multithreading, etc. Web Controls With AJAX vector objects controls, end users can draw text and shapes directly on the canvas in web browser. Shapes and text can be dragged and dropped, arranged into layers. Users can apply fills to shapes and draw text in different colors, change font type, size and weight, etc. AJAX viewport control downloads and/or crops only the visible part of the displayed image. Viewed image areas are cached at the client. Desktop Controls Multilayer control can handle multiple overlapping objects in the same document. Objects can be transformed by end user and united into groups. Graphics Mill offers a Thumbnail List control that provides great flexibility, in the meanwhile offering fast generation of thumbnails for image files. With Thumbnail List control, you can choose between four view modes, dynamically add/remove list items, sort and arrange items, etc. Graphics Mill provides a memory-friendly printing control: printing of multipage TIFF files, printing of image sets, optimized placement of images, automatic handling of size and position, etc. Visit for more information. Aurigma Graphics Mill for .NET is a shareware categorized under development components, libraries tools.

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