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ISequre is a securit...

ISequre for Windows

ISequre is a security software application that enables you and your friends or co-workers to exchange ICQ messages securely. ICQ is one of the most popular instant messengers today. Unfortunately, it stores and transmits all messages in non-encrypted form. ISequre will protect your chat session encoding all messages with the Blowfish encryption algorithm. ISequre works transparently and does not add any new interface elements except its icon on the systray. You can use different keys for each of your chat partners simultaneously. This utilities software is listed under security,communications,chat.

Keywords: interface elements co workers simultaneously icq chat partners instant messengers systray encrypted blowfish encryption algorithm consecutive moves game players

Apple II Oasis suppo...

Apple II Oasis for Windows

Apple II Oasis supports Apple II software in Windows environment. Members of this program group are the following applications: * Apple II Emulator (65c02 128K+ //e, all video modes, sound, CP/M card, serial card, clock, mouse, floppy and hard disk drives, etc.) * Apple II Disk Manager (directory list, copy, move, delete, convert files, search, execute associated commands, etc. for ProDOS and Apple DOS 3.3 formatted disk images) * Apple II Disk Server (remote ProDOS hard disk in disk image file). This is a shareware listed under emulators,system tools category.

Keywords: apple ii software dos 3 hard disk drives apple ii emulator oasis program group disk server disk image windows environment files search serial card apple dos video modes disk images image file environment members formatted disk clock gprmc report files

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