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Guitar Chords Library

Find chords (more then 3000), select different type and mode play of guitar for playing chords (more then 72000 MIDI files) and songs, songbook.When a song is playing you see words song's and hear melody.You can use the metronome and MIDI Player for training.The Metronome Pro gives you a powerful tool for learning to play "in time, all the time".The Metronome Pro may be programmed for reproduction of melodies.For programming can use any note and any instrument.Midi Player give you opportunity see how a song is playing.Create and save real music of solo parties.Guitar Chord Library also include a Chord Construction.You will be able to reconstruct how a chord is formed.Different mode of tuning guitar - use one note or more then one note or use any chord.You can see notes and TAB notation of any chords.Use Finder you can quickly find all positions of the note on the guitar, or define the notes using position on the guitar. Guitar Chords Library license is shareware and it is listed in audio players,multimedia authoring tools software.

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Frame from AVI

Using the program you can: find and look frame, find and look some frames, create the Set from the selected frames, add to Set new frames. Use original size or use custom size. Make effects for frames. Save the frame or all frames in any formats: JPEG Bitmap (JPG), TIFF Bitmap (TIF),PaintBrush (PCX), Portable Network Graphics (PNG), Windows Bitmap (BMP), OS/2 Bitmap (BMP), CompuServe GIF Image (GIF), Targa Bitmap (TGA), Portable PixMap (PXM), Portable PixMap (PPM), Portable GreyMap (PGM), Portable Bitmap (PBM), JPEG2000 (JP2), JPEG2000 Code Stream (J2K). Frame from AVI is a shareware categorized under graphics animation multimedia,graphics business graphs,graphics morph editors,graphics viewers,graphics utilities,web authoring html image db,web authoring image map tools.

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