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By using the HTML Ta...

HTML TableFactory

By using the HTML TableFactory, you can easily design HTML-formatted tables that you desire. For example, if you wish to create quickly, and efficiently a table for an auctions, etc that you have in mind, the HTML TableFactory provides you with the tools effortlessly to generate any HTML table that you require for the listings of your auction items. This is a shareware listed under html editors category.

Keywords: html-tables auctions editor create tables powerful easy handy features

By using the ScreenS...

ScreenSaver Commander

By using the ScreenSaver Commander you will have total control over the standard Windows' screen-saver option! For example, if you wish to use several screen-savers instead of one, the ScreenSaver Commander gives you that option effortlessly, and quickly. Features: 1. Automatically/manually create and edit a list of all the pre-installed screen-savers. For every start of the Windows screen-saver, you can easily select which screen-saver to run from the list that you can create at any given time! 2. Test/view the information, and change the settings of all the screen-savers. 3. Change the screen-saver system settings, and the display power-off options directly - simply by using the tools. 4. Create a list of conditions, to prevent start of screen-saver if any specified windows are present. screen-saver managers,screen-saver utilities freeware listed in screen-saver managers,screen-saver utilities section.

Keywords: screen-saver manager system utility run random screen-savers screen-saver changer screen-saver manager randomizer tweaker business plans

More than 2,000 cita...

Quote on Table

More than 2,000 citations, jokes, interesting facts changing on your screen! For your ease of use, those citations are stored in a regular text file that can be edited at any time. The program is very simple, and user-friendly. No prior knowledge is required in order to configure and understand the features. Your enthusiasm is simply enough to get you started with this wonderful program! We are sure that you will enjoy using our Quote-On-Table for many years to come. This is a shareware listed under desktop enhancements category.

Keywords: quotes citations words of wisdom aphorisms jokes desktop text murphy laws 000 changing local site

Hides your data by s...

BDV DataHider

Hides your data by several methods: create a Secret Diskette, hide information in bitmaps or any other files. With this program you can prepare a confidential information for invisible transfer over the Internet or on a diskette. BDV DataHider is a shareware categorized under encryption,utilities encryption tools.

Keywords: encryption steganography hide data secret information secret discette create secret diskette hide information bitmaps other shape tools

This small and simpl...

System ScreenSaver

This small and simple software allows one effortlessly to run any DOS commands, or applications during the time that one would normally run the Windows built-in screen-saver. For example, if you wish to start your anti-virus check or system optimisation tool after some period of user in-activity, the System ScreenSaver gives you that option effortlessly, and quickly. Instead of running the built-in Windows screen-saver you can: - Minimise all applications; - Run any command or program. This utilities software is listed under desktop enhancements.

Keywords: screen-saver tool system utility execute command replace screen-saver run os command application instead screen-saver style icons

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