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DeskBot is a free, m...


DeskBot is a free, multi-featured Clipboard Reader, Text Reader, Time Announcer, and Internet Explorer Add-In for Microsoft Windows which Microsoft Agent Animated, Talking Characters. From the developer of MASH - The Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper. DeskBot is a freeware categorized under cataloging, organizers tools.

Keywords: mash microsoft agent reader time internet explorer microsoft windows announcer scripting clipboard reader pc files text processors

Sniplets is a conven...


Sniplets is a convenient desktop utility for collecting and organizing all types of text information. Use it to store quotes, poetry, lyrics, lists, recipes, snippets, code fragments, ASCII Art, and more. It is a great companion for users of newsgroups and message boards. This home/hobby software is listed under desktop, organizers, text editor, utlities, programming, business, educational, speech.

Keywords: desktop utility snippets companion code fragments message boards lyrics newsgroups poetry ascii art recipes quotes smart program real arcade

Bring your Desktop t...


Bring your Desktop to Life with Microsoft Agent Animated Talking Characters in 11 Languages! Record and playback entertaining presentations by simply dragging characters around the screen, directing what they say and do. Behind the scenes, MASH does the hard work and can generate your presentations into several scripting languages for use in Websites, Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations, Emails, Visual Basic, Windows Scripting Host, and more. Some uses for these captivating technologies include talking websites, interactive presentations, self-running kiosks/demos, tutorials, tour guides, clipboard and text file readers, and just plain fun. For kids too! ;-). This is a shareware listed under presentation tools category.

Keywords: microsoft powerpoint presentations kiosks behind the scenes visual basic scripting languages interactive presentations windows scripting host mash captivating microsoft agent playback clipboard paradise on earth set security

Pixie is an image sl...


Pixie is an image slideshow viewer for displaying your image collections in a small and convenient resizable desktop window. Select an existing folder ('My Pictures' is the default) and Pixie will start a slideshow of the images in that folder and subfolders. Pixie features the ability to Auto-Advance the slideshow every X number of seconds, display images in sorted/reverse/random order, Keyboard shortcuts, Stay On Top, Window Transparency, and all options including Size and Position are remembered. Please visit to see our growing collection of award-winning shareware and freeware. image viewers, slideshow viewers, desktop tools freeware listed in image viewers, slideshow viewers, desktop tools section.

Keywords: transparency stay on top desktop window slideshow viewer images image slideshow pixie keyboard shortcuts auto advance image collections work environments new option

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