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Batch file tool disp...


Batch file tool displays text in a pop-up dialog box. Includes simple Windows dialog box for small files and message box with scrolling and print to printer. Enhance DOS batch files and adds information boxes to the Windows Desktop. This miscellaneous software is listed under tools, dos utilities.

Keywords: windows desktop information boxes dos batch files windows dialog dialog box tool displays batch file adds message box ms windows code templates

Mini-Desktop Organiz...


Mini-Desktop Organizer manages your disk drive with notebook peer-level directory tabs and pop-up chilld menu. Change folder-level with up/down toolbar icons. Memo pad opens on a click and saves on a click. Remembers and recalls user selected folders. Command Line Prompt lets you type in commands the old DOS way and doubles as an at-your-fingertips math calculator. Centralize your work area with user definable Notebook and a Programs menu with dyanamic working path option. Opens a command prompt in the current directory. Command interpreter is user configurable for custom shells. This utilities software is listed under desktop organizer, file manager, desktop utility.

Keywords: command prompt recalls level directory memo pad command interpreter notebook shells desktop organizer fingertips mini desktop math calculator directory command folders path option tabs toolbar icons lan connection return receipt

DOS Command Prompt u...


DOS Command Prompt utility for manipulating the DOS environment from Windows. Includes: * Pick-and-point window for setting the current directory. * Open a DOS Command Prompt in the current directory. * Open a Microsoft Explorer window in the current directory. * Print nested directory trees to the printer. * User definable Path Menu for quick retrieval of commonly used directories. * Create, renames and delete directories. (WinDos will not move directories). This is a shareware listed under desktop managers, directory utilities, file utilities category.

Keywords: printer user directory print dos environment dos command directory trees command prompt move directories microsoft path menu windos temperature monitoring server operation

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