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BigSpeed Zipper is a...

BigSpeed Zipper

BigSpeed Zipper is a .zip format compression utility. Being simple and intuitive to use with its explorer-style interface, it boasts a large number of features the other utilities on the market do not have. The most notable one is the ability to extract files from archives on remote servers without having to download the archive.The possibilities given by this and other features change the whole concept of an archive utility. BigSpeed Zipper also allows you to search in all zip files on the disk for specified files or text inside them, view the contents of zip files while downloading them, automate frequently used compression operations, backup files in zip format to disk or FTP server, upload zip files to FTP servers, send zip files as email attachments, synchronize the contents of zip files and folders, split/join files to/from smaller chunks, repair damaged zip files, create self-extracting packages, create multiple volume zip archives (including on non removable drives). And even this isn't all this program can do. If you require maximum functionality from a .zip utility, make this one your first choice. It's free, by the way! BigSpeed Zipper license is freeware and it is listed in file compression software.

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BigSpeed Popup Block...

BigSpeed Popup Blocker

BigSpeed Popup Blocker is an ActiveX control that allows you to create your own application for intelligent popup blocking. The component monitors all running browser instances (Internet Explorer 5 and up) and quietly eliminates all unwanted pop-ups and pop-unders ads before they appear. BigSpeed Popup Blocker does not require any configuration and will start killing popups right away. The key features are: Exclude certain domains from the checking Play sound alerts Customize the sound alerts Suppress JavaScipt unload event handlers Block JavaScript dialog boxes Enable popups by holding down the CTRL key Blocking event with the url of the loaded page Multi-threaded, fully self-contained ActiveX control. programming visual basic shareware listed in programming visual basic section.

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BigSpeed Net lets yo...

BigSpeed Net

BigSpeed Net lets you set up a virtual private peer-to-peer (P2P) network with friends or co-workers in minutes. It combines transparent data transfer encryption with highly optimized data transfer, on-the-fly compression, user level access control and integrated secure messaging and chat. There is no need to purchase or lease a dedicated connection server. Instead, an ordinary POP3 E-Mail account can be used. This internet software is listed under file sharing.

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