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Excellent 3D arkanoid ...

Master of the Balls 3D

Excellent 3D arkanoid with super cool graphics and great gameplay... If you like this type of game you're going to love this gem. Keep the ball in play as long as possible while clearing the blocks and collecting the super cool bonus prizes, including laser guns. This game plays like a dream and looks amazing!!!. So you've seen it all before? Arkanoid is dead? no chance!! Master Of the Balls 3D is way ahead of the crowd when it comes to the next generation of breakout clones. With stacked blocks, huge particle effects, mirrored surfaces and amazing eye candy. This 3d smash is an addictive hit fromteh moment you start playing. What's more is the music and sound effects have been skillfully crafted to fully enhance your gaming experience. Gaming that's a cut above the rest is here now for your enjoyment, download Master of the balls 3D and see for yourself. This is gaming as it was meant to be, no gloss, no wasted budgets, just a great game with amazing gameplay, graphics and sound written and developed by people that really wanted a game just like this. Packed with features Master of the balls 3D is designed to keep you occupied for hours and hours and keep you coming back time and again for it's outstanding gameplay and great feel. If you're a sucker for this kind of game download the demo now and check it out. Remember to buy the full version if you love it to support the independent developers that worked so hard to bring it to you. This is a demo listed under arcade action games category.

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You've never played a ...

Matrix 3D

You've never played a puzzle game if you haven't played this! Easy to pick up and impossible to put down, you'll be playing this classic every spare moment you get. Simply clear the blocks without falling foul of the hidden bombs, you'll be able to find them if you follow the flags, but be careful - it's not as easy as it looks. Great 3D graphics, addictive game play. Download the free version now or treat yourself to the full version today. You won't regret it. The most impressive Minesweeper rewrite ever is what they're saying about Matrix£d as it receives award after award for game play. But this isn't just another minesweeper clone, it's 3d and not just in looks. You're presented with a 3 dimensional matrix of cubes, each with associated flags, which you can spin in any direction. The rules are simple, clear the matrix and find the bombs but stumbling across them won't work, you've got to mark them as bombs using your logical thinking. If you think that sounds easy, you're deeply mistaken as Matrix3D is the most original slant on the minesweeper puzzle genre ever. With multiple skill levels and various sized maps you'll find Matrix3D challenging in those spare moments. We'd go so far to say that you'll be wasting many hours on this one, with it's addictive game play and lovely 3d graphics, Matrix 3D has been hand crafted by developers who wanted to push the genre to new heights. Matrix 3D has everything you'd expect from a minesweeper and so much more, download the demo now and give it a go, you'll thank us when you finally drag yourself away from it. Remember to buy the full version if you love it to support the independent developers that worked so hard to bring it to you. Matrix 3D license is shareware and it is listed in puzzle puzzles software.

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A fiendish puzzle game...

Blue Knight

A fiendish puzzle game - you must move a knight around a chessboard, touching each square once (and only once). It's trickier than it sounds and with 19 other bizarrely shaped levels, it gets trickier still. You'll need to be at least one step ahead of yourself throughout the game, as one wrong move and you'll find yourself stuck in a corner with nowhere to go. Like all great puzzle games, it's easy to learn but difficult to master. We've all been there trying to learn how to play chess or hone our skills ready to crush our enemies (friends?) the next time we play a quick game of chess, and we all know how important the knight is early on in the game. If you think you're a chess wizard then this game will be a walkover for you, right? Wrong. This is nothing like any other chess game, complete with a huge array of different board shapes your struggle to finish this game in a couple of sittings. Along the way you will improve your knightly powers beyond your next victims wildest dreams. Many people play chess but very few ever really master the knight, especially early on in the game where board space is limited and the knight is most powerful. Blue Knight can help you perfect your talents with it's intuitive mouse control and uncluttered graphics, it also runs on just about any PC in the world with Windows 95 or above. Blue Knight is more than just a trainer, it's a huge puzzle game taking some of the best elements from the ancient game of chess, so if you think you're a brainiac or if you want to sharpen your noggin download the demo now and give this one a whirl. Possibly the hardest challenge you'll face this year. Remember to buy a copy if you like this game to support the independent developer who dedicated the time to bring you this classic puzzle. This games software is listed under puzzle puzzles.

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Control either Balziel...

Balziel and Doug

Control either Balziel or Doug in a classic old school platform game in the style of Jet Set Willy or Fire & Ice. Run, jump, avoid the villains, pick up various fruit and stuff and then head for the exit, it's a classic formula but with one key difference - instead of being fatal, contact with enemies drains your score. With a minimum score required to unlock each level, you'll have to hone your reflexes and time your jumps in order to progress to the end of the game. And with a big point bonus for making it through a level unscathed, you'll *really* have to hone your reflexes to earn a place in the web based high score table. This game offers classic platform action in that old school flavor, with massive levels set in all kinds of places and times including wild west and arid deserts. B&D is one of those games that's really easy to get into and almost impossible to stop playing, great fun for all ages. If you miss games like Fire & Ice or Bionic Commando you'll really appreciate the time and effort our independent developer has put into this classic. Why not just load up Unreal Tournament and frag some more loons online in a deathmatch fragfest? Well, that's just it isn't it? All the games out there with huge budgets off exactly the same game play with just the latest pretty eye candy that only runs on a super slinky machine. B&D offers you a choice, real old school gaming that's actually fun to play. You just don't see great games like this anymore. Download Balziel & Doug now and then after you've been playing all night try to stop telling yourself 'just one more go', we don't believe you'll be able to, it's as simple as that. B&D is great fun for all ages with enough to keep you coming back time and again. Buy it today and support independent games developers :). Balziel and Doug is a demo categorized under puzzle puzzles tools.

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Control the titular Di...

Jetpack Dinosaur

Control the titular Dinosaur as he pilots his titular Jet Pack around the non-titular sky, collecting biscuits and dog fighting with mad professors, who probably want to dissect him or something. Collect the full quota of biscuits before the time limit is up or poor Dinosaur has to work overtime. Why? I don't know and I thought it best not to ask. Classic shoot-'em-up action with a bizarre twist, Jet Pack Dinosaur is an addictive old school masterpiece that keeps you coming back for "just one more go" - and with support for web based high scores, you'll always have a challenging score to beat. Remember way back when things were simple? Did you ever own a speccy or a c64? Did you ever race home from school and get straight on it pushing that essay aside for just a few games of your favorite? Jet pack dinosaur recaptures that feeling perfectly, everything is here except the 10 minutes loading time and brain mushing flashing borders. It's one of the coolest games we've played, simple addictive fun. That's all there is to it, good clean wholesome fun. There's a rumour going round that M$ spent millions on it, the blue background in windows, trying to find a colour that was most productive - something to do with brainwave patterns or some-such. Jetpack Dinosaur gives you a far prettier shade of blue background and some really cute clouds, so in our opinion it's far better than that other product. Jetpack dinosaur has you racing all over the place, filling your huge belly with sugar sweet biscuits (Translation: cookies) in an effort to clear level after level of madness. Then you realize that maybe you should be looking for the git that's causing you all these problems. Even thought the jetpack is cool that's probably not a good reason to continue this existence. That's when things get complicated, there's biscuits (cookies) flying left, right and center, evil scientists bent on your destruction and a swarm of angered butterflies trying to pin you down! Jetpack Dinosaur license is demo and it is listed in action arcade software.

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GoJoe has been grounde...

GoJoe Pogo

GoJoe has been grounded again for chasing the neighbors cat with fire crackers, just as the Traveling Circus rolls into town. Not one to listen to his mother, GoJoe sneaks out of his bed room and heads off to check it out anyway. Inside the Big Top, GoJoe comes across a huge cannon filled to the brim with sweats of all types. A temptation to big to pass up, GoJoe walks up and fires it to the dismay of a group of now angry clowns. GoJoe is a new fast paced 3D action game very much along the lines of old classics like PACMAN and Q-Bit, with a little touch of our humor thrown in for good measure. Featuring over 15 fun packed levels, 6 different crazy clowns, an in-game picture Story Book, 4 different fun pumping tunes. GoJoe PoGo is great, wholesome entertainment that the whole family can enjoy any time of the day. If you fancy a new challenge unlike anything you've played before then this is the game for you. GoJoe really is great fun and full of amazing graphical effects the whole family can google over. You control our hero, or maybe you control his pogo stick and he just hangs on for dear life, as he tries desperately to avoid the manic clowns and eat their collection of super tasty candy. They're evil to the extreme and want to crush him up for what he's done, but the candy, oh it's so tasty. Will GoJoe eat it all and get fat? Will the clowns stomp him? It's hard to say but you'll have a blast finding out in this classic game. Combining all the greatest elements from some real classic games GoJoe Pogo is a surefire winner this year. with more humor than you can handle and awesome cute graphics and funky effects as you bounce yourself silly collecting the candy. If it all gets too much just hop on over to a super-chew and spend a little time in Super GoJoe mode bashing those nasty clowns. Download this awesome game mow and remember that if you like it you should buy it to support the independent developers that slaved over it's creation. GoJoe Pogo license is demo and it is listed in games arcade action software.

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Be-Puzzled is the perf...


Be-Puzzled is the perfect puzzler for the spare moments in your life; with its clean-cut graphics and addictive gameplay it will keep you coming back for more. Its various different modes and levels of difficulty will mean you?ll never tire of this glorious puzzle game. Be-Puzzled will have you clearing level after glorious level of the cutest smiley faces in the world by linking them together and then watching them explod into oblivion, don't tell the authorities though as we're not sure it's fair on the little dudes. Be-Puzzled includes 4 modes of play from Arcade and puzzle through to tournement modes against some of the meanest artificial intellegence in the gaming industry. The numerous modes of play have they're own high score system broken down by category and difficulty. Bepuzzled has so many game options we couldn't really categorize it using our Brains/Brawn/Box rating sytem as the game ships with Standard, Continuous, Puzzle and Challenge modes some of which are puzzle and other play so fast we could only describe them as manic arcade action. This one is definitely going to keep you busy! If you like to dip into a puzzle game every now and then or if you're someone that enjoys a quick game of solitaire then download Be-Puzzled and give it a go, we don't think you'll be disappointed in the least. Remember to buy the full version if you like it to support our independent developers from around the world. BePuzzled license is shareware and it is listed in games puzzles arcade software.

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