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BitMart Restorer2000 Data Recovery

The Restorer2000 Data Recovery tool is one of the most powerful and cost-effective file / data recovery software and undelete tools available on the market. It allows you to recover a file or a folder, undelete, unformat, unerase and restore data deleted on an NTFS or FAT partition, even if it is damaged or deleted. Restorer2000 is a quick and easy hard drive data recovery solution that offers you file recovery with foreign-language filenames, long filenames, NTFS-compressed filenames, and alternative data streams, such as file information in Windows 2000 / XP. The SmartScan data recovery technology combined with the flexibly adjustable parameters gives you a full control over the disaster recovery procedure. Drive Image creation is a very important and useful feature to undelete data from a hard disk with bad sectors. As long as your system hardware is functioning correctly, the award winning Restorer2000 product may be the only solution you need for all your data recovery and undelete needs. With the Restorer 2000 data recovery software program, you can quickly and easily restore your data, saving your time, money and resources. BitMart Restorer2000 Data Recovery license is demo and it is listed in file management,disk management,file, disk management,file and disk management,file and disk utilities,files and disk repair,undelete utilities,undelete software software.

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