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VueChatCS functions as a plug-in replacement module for a company web site?s customer support section. VueChatCS employs a suite of advanced collaborative tools supporting rich, real-time multimedia communication between portal/website/e-visitors, and customer support representatives. The product does not require the customer to download or install any software. It is integrated with the web pages via a ?call? or ?collaboration? button that starts an instant interactive session. The basic configuration of VueChatCSincludes: :: Web Based Chat Applet :: Text-Based Chat Video ? Real-Time Streaming Video (Static photograph is optional) Push HTML Pages (User can simply open their Internet browser and they can talk to the representatives). Email HTML link to instant Chat Separate communication channel for inter-company communication :: Server Package :: Downloadable Server Server Hosting Virtual Servers have unlimited Channels on one server. User Administration The Queue Local Queue ? Each rep can have their own queue of customers for call waiting. Global Queue ? Every rep shares the same customer queue on the main server for call waiting. Remote Server Control Automatic Software Updates Proxy Server Support :: Representative Package :: Greet and Automated Messages Inter-representative IM (Instant Messaging System). Inter-representative Video Chat Status Control (Reps can choose whether they are available, away, occupied, or invisible). Session Control (Reps can chat with up to 6 customers simultaneously). Automatic Call Chat Transfer: Transfer of customers between representatives without e-visitors being aware of the process (unless video is in use). Ability to for e-visitors to leave messages should their account representative be unavailable vs. be handed off to someone new. Vuechat is a shareware categorized under customer service tools.

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