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Bonez Adventures:Tomb of Fulaos

Bonez Adventures is 3D Role-playing / Adventure game from a 3rd preson's view. The game takes place in different locations, which offers classical adventure tasks as are: using some things on / in combination with the others, talking with NPC game characters, or solving logical problems. Player may find here number of hidden bonuses, which allows him to raise his character's abilities. Then there are action locations filled with traps and enemies. Main features: - Incredible story taking place on a historical Earth in 30's. - Each chapter includes many beautiful areas. - Special rules system adapted to a real-time setting - including 8 base skills and 9 derived skills. - Fast paced combat in a rich and detailed world where dialogue interaction and story play equally large roles. - Classless system allows the user to customize their character however they want as they advance to as high as 100th level. - A random item generator allows the player to find literally thousands of different weapons and items. - Special sub-games which are included in the story and could be played as independent games. - Many items to upgrade your skills. - Many spells that evolve and grow with as your characters' abilities increase. - Many enemies to challenge your combat and spell-casting abilities. - Simple and intuitive gameplay with a clean interface. Bonez Adventures:Tomb of Fulaos license is shareware and it is listed in games role playing,games adventure,games 3d games,games action software.

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